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  • Program Statements

  • As outlined in your handbook, the completion of an academically approved program statement is required by the DU Office of Graduate Education in order to conduct graduation checks for all students.  We encourage you to use the program statement as a planning tool early on during your graduate studies, maintain an editable copy, and revise it periodically as needed.  A final copy, which has been approved and signed by your degree/certificate director, must be submitted to the Director of Graduate Student Affairs at the time you apply for graduation.  Graduation application deadlines for graduate students can be found here.  

    Please complete the statement electronically using the relevant links below, have it signed by you degree/certificate director, and return the a hardcopy to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.  We will ensure that it reaches the Office of Graduate Education for processing.

    Note: Please be aware that separate program statements are required for each degree and/or certificate you are pursuing.  Furthermore, the Office of Graduate Education reserves the right to request an amended program statement, if the documentation on file is inaccurate or out-of-date.  

  • JKSIS Degree Program Statements

  • Students are required to ensure that the elements contained in their individual program statements align with their designated handbook requirements. For example, a student that was admitted in Fall Quarter 2016 and is following AY 2016-2017 requirements, must ensure that the program statement tracks against AY 2016-2017 handbook requirements.

  • Interdisciplinary Degree Program Statements

  • MA in International and Intercultural Communication

    Accessible via MFJS, at http://www.du.edu/ahss/mfjs/programs/graduate/iic.html.

  • JKSIS Certificate Statements

  • Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs

  • For interdisciplinary certificates, please contact the responsible administrative unit for any relevant documentation that you may be required to complete as part of the graduation application process:

    • Global Business & Corporate Social Responsibility (Daniels College of Business)
    • Public Diplomacy (Dept. of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies) 
    • Religion and International Affairs (Dept. of Religious Studies)

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