Josef Korbel School of International Studies Graduate Student Affairs

  • Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs

    • Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs allow students to gain competence in relevant issue areas by taking approved coursework in another academic unit, as well as course at JKSIS. While these certificates are open to matriculated students pursuing a graduate degree at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and offered jointly, they are administratively based in other units.


      Eligible candidates must apply for the desired Certificate Programs no later than the end of their second quarter or by the stated application deadline, whichever comes first.


      JKSIS currently participates in two Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs:


      • Certificate in Global Business & Corporate Social Responsibility (Administered by the Daniels College of Business)


      • Certificate in Religion & International Affairs (Administered by the Department of Religious Studies – Division of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)


      Certificates are awarded at graduation, along with the student’s relevant degree, pending successful completion of all requirements in adherence with DU policy.  Students are required to submit a separate graduation application for certificate programs and must work with the administering unit to ensure that all requirements have been satisfied as required. JKSIS does NOT oversee the graduation check or certification process for any of the aforementioned joint certificate programs.

  • Requirements

    • Certificate requirements are outlined in the JKSIS Master's Handbooks, accessible here.

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