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  • JKSIS Graduate Course Schedules

  • Graduate Summer 2023 Classes (Updated 3/29/23)

  • Fall 2023 Course Grid (Updated 5/24/23)

  • Winter 2024 Tentative Course Schedule Grid (Updated 4/28/23)

  • Spring 2024 Tentative Course Schedule Grid (Updated 4/28/23)

  • Skills Courses

  • 2022-2023 Skills Courses.pdf

  • Faculty Contact Information

  • Please note that contact information for appointed faculty is available in the JKSIS Faculty Directory and is accessible 24/7. 

    Where available, we have supplied adjunct faculty email addresses in the JKSIS Adjunct Faculty Directory.  Please be advised that adjuncts are not expected to begin checking their account until the term in which they are teaching begins formally. 

  • Courses Offerings and Descriptions

  • Permanent INTS course offerings and descriptions may be found in JKSIS Graduate Bulletin and Undergraduate Bulletin.

    A select set of regularly-offered Skills courses can be found here:

  • Summer Quarter 2023 Course Descriptions Grad (Updated 3/14/2023)

  • Spring Quarter 2023 Topics Courses.docx


  • Fall 2022 Topics Course Descriptions (Updated 5/2/22)

  • Summer 2022 Course Descriptions (Updated 03/29/2022)

  • Spring Quarter 2022 Special Topics Course Descriptions.pdf

  • Winter Quarter 2022 Topics Courses and Descriptions.pdf

  • Spring Quarter 2021 Special Topics Course Descriptions

  • Winter Quarter 2021 Special Topics Course Descriptions

  • Summer Quarter 2021 Course Descriptions

  • Course Syllabi


    The policy of the School and the University is that faculty must provide a final syllabus to students when their course begins.  Faculty who require students to do work prior to the first class must inform students of that requirement before the term begins. Otherwise, while individual faculty are welcome to make course syllabi available in advance as a courtesy to students, it is not common for them to do so. 

    To the extent that syllabi are available in advance, they are generally posted in Canvas by the instructor and are available only after students are registered formally for courses. 


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