• Commonly Used Graduate Forms

  • Add/Drop Form

  • Change of Graduate Program

    This form is to change a major, concentration, location, or delivery mode within the same college/school/unit.


  • Continuous Enrollment

  • Course Substitution/Waiver

  • Incomplete Grade Application

  • Leave of Absence (Personal) - this is now an online form

  • JKSIS Plagarism Policy & Statement

  • Independent Studies, Substantial Research Papers, and Theses

  • Independent Study and Substantial Research Papers (SRP)

    Students interested in completing an Independent Study (INTS/PPOL 4991) or a Substantial Research Paper (INTS 4996) must apply using the Proposal Form for Independent Studies and SRPs . It is due by Monday of week 8 of the quarter prior to when you intend to register. 

    If approved, you would use the Independent Research form in order to register for the credits.

  • Thesis

    Students completing a Thesis should work directly with an appointed faculty member and need not use the above proposal form, but would still need to use the Independent Research form to register.

    Please review carefully all relevant sections of the Master's Handbook to ensure that you understand requirements and register properly. 

  • Who needs to sign? Where should it be delivered?

  • Who should sign my Commonly Used Form?

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