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  • Peace Corps Survey

    • Korbel Peace Corps Survey

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  • Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV)

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    • If I'm an RPCV Fellow do I have an internship requirement?

      No. Your internship requirement is waived unless you opt to complete a certificate with an internship requirement. You do need to complete a 75-hour practicum. RPCVs have the option to register internships through the Office of Career and Professional Development. 

    • Where can I compelte my Practicum?

      All practicums must be completed within the United States.

    • How do I know if my Practicum will be approved?

      Please refer to the MA Handbook available on the Home tab for details.

    • Is there a pre-approved list of Practicum sites?

      No, every practicum is reviewed and approved on an individual basis. A sample of previous sites can be found in the MA Handbook. 

    • Is it possible to substitute an Internship for the Practicum?

      It’s not possible to substitute an internship for a practicum, but frequently students combine them, completing 150 hours for the internship and 75 hours for the practicum. 

      In this case, a student would need to register the internship with OCPD via KorbelCareers and the Practicum with Student Affairs, and fulfill both program's requirements.

      A student might want to do this if he’s/she's seeking 0-5 credits for the internship (available to RPCVs who started summer 2014 forward), applying for a funding award, or completing a certificate requirement.

    • I'm a Sie Fellow and RPCV. What are my requirements?

      In this case, students follow the RPCV Fellow requirements (ie, language requirement is waived, practicum is required). 

  • RPCV Practicum Overview

    • Josef Korbel School MA students who have been accepted into the program as returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Fellows are required to complete a Practicum as one of their graduation requirements. An overview of the Practicum can be found in the MA Handbook available via the Home page.

      To submit your proposed Practicum experience for review by the Office of Student Affairs, complete the Peace Corps Practicum Application.

  • Peace Corps Master's International (PCMI)

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    • I'm a PCMI. How do my degree requirements differ from non-PCMI students?

      The language proficiency and internship requirements are waived for PCMI students, unless an internship is required for a certificate program.   Students must complete all degree course requirements except they are only required to complete 72 credits of coursework.

      PCMI students are not eligible for dual degree programs, but they may pursue JKSIS certificates if they are interested in doing so.


      How do I meet my final 18 credit hours?

      The last 18 hours of credit required for the degree are waived after the student completes the Peace Corps assignment and submits a 30-35 page paper (SRP) discussing a research interest or experience while in the Peace Corps.  Please find a supervisor for the SRP before leaving for Peace Corps service, and inform Student Affairs of your arrangement.  Once a “pass” grade is awarded for this paper (the professor will notify the Director of Student Affairs), the student can be certified to graduate.  [See examples of previous SRPs below]


      What do I need to do before leaving for my Peace Corps service?

      1. Check with Student Affairs that all graduate requirements have been met.
      2. Submit a Leave of Absence form, using "Peace Corps service" and the estimated date of return in the "Reasons for requesting a leave of absence" box.
      3. Find an SRP advisor and discuss the requirements of your paper (the topic will not be finalized until you are in the field).
      4. If needed, speak to your Peace Corps representative about student loan deferments and payments while in the field.
      5. Assign a Power of Attorney.
      6. Arrange a final exit interview with the Director of Student Affairs to make sure everything is in order.


      What do I do when I finish my Peace Corps service?

      1. Apply to graduate on PioneerWeb two quarters before you will graduate (e.g., by the end of Autumn Quarter if graduating in Spring Quarter).
      2. In what would be your final quarter, register your SRP and turn it in to your supervisor (with whom you've been communicating throughout the writing process) and receive a passing grade.


    • Examples of PCMI SRPs:

      • Barriers to primary education in rural Botswana
      • Panamanian Mismanagement:  Painstaking Development Despite an Abundance of Capital, Resources, and Support
      • Challenges of NGO Development in Panama:  How the Role of Agriculture, Conservation, and Government Agencies Overshadows the Needs of Panamanians and NGO Development
      • Communal Development Associations: The role they play in the post-civil war decentralization of the government and local development
      • Land Reform in South Africa: Failures and possible solutions
      • Best practices working with youth from 15-25 in country
      • Tourism as a form of development. Does it really work?


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