Josef Korbel School of International Studies Graduate Student Affairs

  • Practicum Overview

    • Josef Korbel School MA students who have been accepted into the program as returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Fellows are required to complete a Practicum as one of their graduation requirements. An overview of the Practicum can be found in the MA Handbook available via the Home page.

  • To Submit A Practicum for Review

  • Questions?

    • If you have specific questions about the Practicum requirement or process, please email

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • If I'm an RPCV Fellow do I have an internship requirement?

      No. Your internship requirement is waived unless you opt to complete a certificate with an internship requirement. You do need to complete a 75-hour practicum. RPCVs have the option to register internships through the Office of Career and Professional Development. 

    • Where can I compelte my Practicum?

      All practicums must be completed within the United States.

    • How do I know if my Practicum will be approved?

      Please refer to the MA Handbook available on the Home tab for details.

    • Is there a pre-approved list of Practicum sites?

      No, every practicum is reviewed and approved on an individual basis. A sample of previous sites can be found in the MA Handbook. 

    • Is it possible to substitute an Internship for the Practicum?

      It’s not possible to substitute an internship for a practicum, but frequently students combine them, completing 150 hours for the internship and 75 hours for the practicum. 

      In this case, a student would need to register the internship with OCPD via KorbelCareers and the Practicum with Student Affairs, and fulfill both program's requirements.

      A student might want to do this if he’s/she's seeking 0-5 credits for the internship (available to RPCVs who started summer 2014 forward), applying for a funding award, or completing a certificate requirement.

    • I'm a Sie Fellow and RPCV. What are my requirements?

      In this case, students follow the RPCV Fellow requirements (ie, language requirement is waived, practicum is required). 

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