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  • Preparing to Graduate

  • The best thing you can do to prepare for graduation is keep track of your progress on a Program Statement! And remember that you will need to apply to graduate at least two quarters ahead of when you intend to graduate.

  • Office of Graduate Education Policies & Deadlines

  • What the Graduation Check Process Entails

  • For your reference, the DU Office of Graduate Education (OGE - formerly known as the Office of Graduate Studies) establishes graduation policies and deadlines, and oversees the mandatory graduation evaluation process.  The process involves six primary and required steps:


    • Each eligible student must apply formally for graduation online.


    • Each student must submit a portfolio of required documentation to  the JKSIS Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA).


    • The OASA uses this information to generate mandatory departmental forms on behalf of the student, and then passes all the required documentation on the OGE.


    • The OGE reviews the documentation in order to conduct the graduation evaluation process.


    • The OGE will provide the student and the department with a list of any outstanding requirements.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up as instructed by the OGE.


    • Once grades have posted for your final term (the term in which you are graduating), the OGE will begin the formal process of certifying candidates for graduation. THIS STEP OCCURS ONLY AFTER THE TERM HAS ENDED. 


    Presuming that all the steps occur by the stated deadlines and the student has satisfied all degree requirements in compliance with the relevant handbook and University policiesthe process culminates with the OGE certifying students for graduation officially, upon completion of degree requirements and verification of final grades, after the term has ended.  In order for this process to proceed smoothly, all parties (graduation candidates, the OASA, and the OGE) must collaborate in a timely fashion. 

    Note: Generally speaking, the final certification process takes three to four weeks after grades have posted, and the OGE does NOT send out notifications when they have finalized graduation certification. Diplomas are issued seven to eight weeks after the term ends. More information regarding diplomas can be found here.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We are eager to help you complete this process—and celebrate this important achievement—and cannot do it without your partnership!


    Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office (

  • Graduation Application Instructions

    • Online application –
      • Follow the directions here to apply online with DU to graduate, at least two quarters ahead of time
      • If you are graduating with a certificate, you’ll need to apply twice: once for the MA/MPP and once for the Certificate


    • Program Statement – SUBMIT TO STUDENT AFFAIRS (
      • This is the document that Korbel needs in order to process your graduation application
        1. Choose the correct program statement based on when you matriculated at Korbel
      • When listing the classes, please make sure to include all of the classes you intend to take in the spring (if you need to change this later, that is not a problem as long as you’re still meeting the requirements)
      • Please give your degree director ample time to review and digitally sign it before the deadline!
      • If you are graduating with a certificate, you’ll need to submit two program statements: one for the MA/MPP and one for the Certificate. You can list classes on both program statements, just not more than once on each individual program statement.
  • Verify the Status of your Graduation Application

  • For your reference, you can verify the status of your graduation application, as follows: login to PioneerWeb > click on the “Student” tab > and navigate to the “View Advising Profile” link in the “Advising and Registration Tools” section.  In your profile, you will find a section entitled “Graduation Information,” which will list your graduation status and any active applications you may have. In the far left column, there is also a link entitled “View Application to Graduate” for additional information.

  • Diplomas

  • Diplomas are issued seven to eight weeks after the term ends, and are sent to the address provided. More information regarding diplomas can be found here.

  • Commencement

  • Commencement ceremonies are held twice annually, following spring term and summer term.  Participation in commencement is optional. More information can be found online. The main DU commencement page, also features additional student information.


    Please note that the graduation process is separate from participating in commencement excesses. Participating in commencement does not signify that a student has been certified to graduate officially.

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