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  • Program statements are a tool you can use to track your degree progress each quarter. Additionally, you will need to submit a copy of it, signed by your degree director, to Student Affairs at the same time you apply to graduate (two quarters prior). 

    * Note that you will need to complete a program statement for each degree, so if you are an MA and a graduate certificate student, you would need to complete both of the relevent MA and the certificate program statements. You may list a class twice - on both the MA and certificate program statement - but may only list a class once on each program statement.

  • Matriculated in the 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • MA - International Human Rights 2020-2021.pdf

    MA - International Security 2020-2021.pdf

    MA - GFTEI 2020-2021 9.30.2020.pdf

    MA - International Studies 2020-2021.pdf

    MA - International Development 2020-2021.pdf

    MPP 2020-2021.pdf


  • Certificate Programs (2020-2021)

    Homeland Security Certificate AY20-21 9.30.2020.pdf 

    Humanitarian Assisstance Certificate AY 2020-21 9.30.2020.pdf

    Global Health Affairs Certificate AY 2020-21 9.30.2020.pdf

    Global Environmental Change and Adaption

  • Matriculated 2019-2020 and earlier (72 credits)

  • MA in Conflict Resolution

  • MA in GFTEI

  • MA in International Administration

  • MA in International Development

  • MA in International Human Rights

  • MA in International Security

  • MA in International Studies

  • MPP

  • PhD in International Studies

  • Certificate Program Statements

  • Global Environmental Change & Adaptation

  • Global Health Affairs

  • Homeland Security

  • Humanitarian Assistance

  • Interdisciplinary Degree Program Statements

  • MA in International and Intercultural Communication

    Accessible via MFJS, at

  • Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs

  • For interdisciplinary certificates, please contact the responsible administrative unit for any relevant documentation that you may be required to complete as part of the graduation application process:

    • Global Business & Corporate Social Responsibility (Daniels College of Business)
    • Public Diplomacy (Dept. of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies) 
    • Religion and International Affairs (Dept. of Religious Studies)

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