Josef Korbel School of International Studies Graduate Student Affairs

  • JKSIS Certificate Programs

    • Certificate programs provide substantial education in a specific academic discipline or may be interdisciplinary, but center on a coherent body of knowledge. The certificate issued at the completion of the program represents the achievement of competence in a well-defined area of study.


      JKSIS Certificate Programs are open exclusively to matriculated students pursuing a graduate degree at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Eligible candidates must apply for the desired Certificate Programs no later than the end of their second quarter or by the stated application deadline, whichever comes first.


      JKSIS currently offers three Certificate Programs:


      • Certificate in Homeland Security
      • Certificate in International Studies with a Concentration in Global Health Affairs
      • Certificate in International Studies with a Concentration in Humanitarian Assistance


      Certificates are awarded at the time a student graduates, along with their degree, pending successful completion of all requirements in adherence with DU policy. Students will need to complete a separate Application to Graduate form for Certificates.

  • Requirements

    • Certificate requirements are outlined in the JKSIS Master's Handbooks, accessible here.

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