• Korbel Student Organizations

  • Most JKSIS organizations are open to all students, although some are exclusive to undergraduate students (e.g. Sigma Iota Rho honor society) or graduate students (e.g. Graduate Student Association) respectively.

  • Student Group Contact Information

  • Please take some time to review this document and reach out to the contacts listed in the document. 

    Student Group Contact Information (2020-2021).pdf

  • Korbel Graduate Student Association (KGSA)

  • For more information:

    Please visit https://portfolio.du.edu/jksis.gsa, or

    contact KGSA via email at korbelgsa@gmail.com

  • Student Group Websites

  • JKSIS Student Group Liaison

  • Mayumi Beckelheimer (mayumi.beckelheimer@du.edu) is the administrative liaison for JKSIS student groups. Student groups are welcome to contact Mayumi with questions.

  • 2020-2021 Student Group Handbook

  • Graduate Student Group Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

  • Student Group Registration 2020-2021

  • Applications for 2020-2021 Korbel student groups are due on May 30, 2020. Mid-year applications are accepted, but funding is not guaranteed.

    If you have not submitted your application at this time, please contact Mayumi Beckelheimer (mayumi.beckelheimer@du.edu). 

  • Student Group Registration Application 2020-2021

  • Supplementary Funding Applications (for already approved 2020-2021 student groups) are due on November 15th. Mid-year supplementary applications are accepted, but funding is not guaranteed.

  • Supplementary Funding Application (2020-2021).pdf

  • Graduate Student Group Forms

  • Reimbursement Request

  • Tax Exempt Certificate

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