• Korbel Student Organizations

  • Most JKSIS organizations are open to all students, although some are exclusive to undergraduate students (e.g. Sigma Iota Rho honor society) or graduate students (e.g. Graduate Student Association) respectively.

    Please contact Mayumi Beckelheimer (Student Affairs Manager) the administrative liaison for JKSIS student groups.   


  • Student Group Handbook

  • Graduate Student Group Handbook 2021-2022 6.30.2021.pdf

  • Social Media Guidelines

  • All student groups are required to adhere to the Korbel Social Media Guidelines before creating a social media page.

    Korbel Social Media Guidelines 6.22.21.pdf

  • Registration & Supplementary Funding App

  • Registration Applications for 2021-2022 Korbel student groups are now being accepted and due by June 30th. Mid-year applications are accepted, but funding is not guaranteed.

    Student Group Registration and Funding App 2021-2022.pdf

    Supplementary Funding Applications (once approved by Mayumi Beckelheimer) are due by August 30th. Mid-year supplementary applications are accepted, but funding is not guaranteed.

    Supplementary Funding Application (2021-2022).pdf

  • Additional Forms

  • Reimbursement Request

  • Tax Exempt Certificate

  • Korbel Graduate Student Association (KGSA)

  • Please visit https://portfolio.du.edu/jksis.gsa, or

    contact KGSA via email at korbelgsa@gmail.com

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