• About ATC...

    Academic Technologies Consulting consists of former Office of Teaching and Learning staff members Alex Martinez, Rich Path, Carrie Lorenz, and Joseph Labrecque.

    This new unit is equipped to explore academic technology projects supporting teaching and learning, research, scholarship, and public good purposes.

  • Services Offered...

    Web Application Development
    Architect and design a wide array of web-based content for courses and related programs using the latest in standard Web technologies.

    Multimedia Content Creation
    Design and develop interactive multimedia objects such as case scenarios, interactives, simulations, games, data visualizations, and animated presentations.

    Video and Audio Production
    Assist in recording and producing video and audio content in support of various university programs.

    Graphic and Print Design
    Design and produce graphics for both web and print in support of research, scholorship, and other educational endeavors.

    Technology Consultation
    Support technology choices and integration through individual consultations and hands-on workshops led by professional instructors.

  • Get in Touch...

    Alex Martinez
    Senior Educational Software Developer

    Rich Path
    Multimedia Developer

    Carrie Lorenz
    Senior Educational Java Developer

    Joseph Labrecque
    Senior Interactive Software Engineer

    University of Denver

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