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    • The following course numbers—INTS 4706, 4708, 4709, 4710, 4711—refer to special “topics” courses that are new and/or special course offerings. Topics courses may be added to the INTS curriculum at the discretion of the department, in order to accommodate special opportunities (e.g. a temporary visiting faculty member), or to focus on timely developments, debates, or trends in international affairs. Topics courses are generally offered only once.  In the event that a topics course is offered more than once, the assigned course number is subject to change in subsequent quarters.


      Because topics courses are not a part of our regular curriculum, details such as course title and description are not included in the permanent course catalog.  As a supplement, therefore, we hope the course descriptions provided below will be a helpful resource to you as you prepare for registration.

  • Registering for multiple topics courses

    • For those of you that may be attempting to register for two INTS topics courses, which are listed under the same course number (see below) please be advised that you will received a duplicate error when attempting to registrar.

      Please note that this is simply an idiosyncrasy in the registration system and, happily, the Office of the Registrar can help you register for both sections if you email them ( or stop by their office for registration assistance. Please be sure to include your name, DU ID number, and the course numbers, CRNs, and titles in questions.


  • Taking coursework outside of JKSIS

      1. Any student wishing to take GRADUATE level coursework in another department or academic unit must have the permission of that department/unit. Note: the tuition and fees applicable to that unit will apply; undergraduate courses are not eligible to be counted toward a graduate degree.


      1. With the exception of approved joint dual degree program or joint certificate programs, coursework from other departments/units must receive explicit approval from a student’s degree director in order for the credit to apply toward degree requirements.


      1. Credit from DUs University College and the Colorado Women’s College is not eligible to be used toward JKSIS graduate degree requirements. Conflict Resolution students may be eligible to take University College courses with the explicit approval of degree director Karen Feste.


      1. JKSIS students are limited to a maximum of three courses (up to 15 credits for students that matriculated prior to Fall Quarter 2017; up to 16 credits for students that matriculate in or after Fall Quarter 2017) taken in other departments/units. This coursework must be completed at the graduate level in order to count toward degree requirements, so please consult the department/unit to confirm course information and level (i.e. not all 3xxx-level courses are considered graduate-level).
  • Academic Advising and Program Directors

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