• From orientation to graduation, the JKSIS Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA) can support you in managing the many demands of student life. By partnering with students, our dedicated staff can help you develop and refine academic plans in conjunction with your academic advisor (i.e. your degree director), navigate processes, understand and comply with important University policies, and get connected to the resources that allow you to excel academically and thrive personally while on campus.

    Graduate Student Affairs serves our Master's and PhD students, while Undergraduate Student Affairs serves our BA students. For BA program resources, please visit: https://portfolio.du.edu/baints

    For information about the resources and services that are available for current students on the greater DU campus, please visit: http://www.du.edu/currentstudents/.

  • Who We Are, Where to Find Us & How to Get Here

  • The Office of Academic and Student Affairs is located in the Sie International Relations Complex in suite 2010/2030. Our staff and faculty include:


    • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs - Dr. Aaron Schneider (Sie 3032, inside suite 3020)
    • Associate Dean of Research & Faculty Affairs - Dr. Rachel Epstein (Sie 2031, inside suite 2027)
    • Associate Dean of Student Affairs - Dr. Kevin Archer (Sie 2032)
    • Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs - Tara Boyle (Sie 2028)
    • Interim Director of Graduate Student Affairs - Debbie Gaylinn (Sie 2018)
    • Program Manager - Genevieve Waller (Sie 2016)


    Additional information about our office and our staff can be found on the main JKSIS website via the Student Life tab

  • Directions to JKSIS

  • Campus Map

  • Graduate Policies & Procedures

  • The Office of Graduate Education (OGE; formerly known as the Office of Graduate Studies) at Unviersity of Denver establishes, reviews and enforces all Graduate Policies and Procedures at our instituion.

    The JKSIS Office of Academic and Student Affairs works closely with the OGE to ensure that our students, faculty and programs are in compliance with all relevant policies, and we encourage all students and faculty to become familiar with Graduate Policies and Procedures

  • Graduate Student Resources

  • OGE - Your Graduate Experience AY 2017-18

  • OGS -Your Graduate Experience AY 2016-17

  • OGS - Your Graduate Experience AY 2015-16

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