• JDP Future Faculty in Religion certificate

  • All students in the DU/Iliff Joint PhD program are welcome to participate in the "Future Faculty in Religion" certificate program. This is a certificate of completion, meaning that it does not certify a particular level of achievement and is not included on the academic transcript, but rather it certifies that all the requirements listed below have been successfully completed. We have partnered with DU's Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) to make this possible. The process for documenting progress toward the certificate is described below the requirements.

    The purpose of the certificate is to provide additional teacher training and preparedness for a faculty position, over and above the required Pedagogy class. It may also aid students in the job search. From the Pedagogy class all students should have a teaching philosophy, syllabus for at least one course in religious studies, and a portfolio page. Students who complete only part of the certificate program will not receive a certificate but every workshop and course is useful for improving one's teaching. 

    You can see the monthly calendar of all OTL workshops, but be aware that not all are open to grad students. Please contact OTL about which events fulfill the below requirements. 


  • Course Design Requirement

  • One of the Following: 

    • Teaching Online Workshop, offered by OTL in fall, spring, and summer quarters on line (8-10 hrs/wk for 5 weeks) 
    • Hybrid 3D Workshop, offered by OTL to design, develop, and deliver a hybrid model class (self-paced, but best to do as a group) contact otl@du.edu to schedule.
    • Critical Digital Pedagogy Online Intensive Training (Iliff Canvas Course; email support@iliff.edu). 
  • Teaching Workshop Requirements

  • (5 total required)

    • Required: Diversity and Inclusion workshop, OTL and Office of Diversity and Inclusion offer options to fulfill this.
    • Required: Any workshop on Assessment OR any workshop on Academic Technology (such as Canvas or e-Portfolios workshops).
    • Required: 3 Teaching Practices workshops/experiences chosen from the following opportunities: 
      •  Teaching workshops offered by OTL
      •  Pizzagogy sessions at Iliff
  • Professional Formation Requirement

  • At least one of the following, noting that the first is a more expansive approach to development and the second has a singular focus on the job search:

    RLGN 5750 Professional Development (multiple meetings, 0-credits) Normally offered fall quarter in even numbered years.

    This course taught by Miguel de la Torre provides the "nuts and bolts" on not only surviving, but also thriving within the academy. Assuming that the student's goal is an eventual tenure-track position, the course demystifies the PhD route so that the student, through a working knowledge of the academy, can better position her/himself to succeed. Besides providing professional development, the course attempts to raise the level of involvement of PhD candidates in the profession, from presenting papers to publishing articles. 


    Professional Formation (4-hr workshop on a Saturday, 0-credits) 

    This intensive session with JDP faculty will help students prepare for the job market, from researching a job posting to signing a contract. Taught by Greg Robbins and Katherine Turpin.

    • Evaluating job description
    • investigating offerings of department & researching institution
    • preparing an on-site lecture
    • preparing for interviews
    • preparing a dossier
  • Mentored/Observed Teaching Requirement

  • Student's teaching will be evaluated, with feedback by an observer, using the JDP In-Class Observation Form.doc . The class to be observed can be a lecture or a discussion session led as a GTA, a special lecture offered in a class at DU or Iliff, the student's own class at Iliff, DU, or another area institution, or an online class that the student is teaching. The observer can be OTL staff (if available) or JDP faculty (such as the faculty you are assisting as a GTA). Videos of student teaching may be used when the venue is off campus.

  • Exit Interview Requirement

  • When all other requirements are complete, the student sends an email to the JDP Assistant Director and Program Manager requesting an exit interview for the "Future Faculty in Religion" certificate. The email should include available times and a link to the portfolio page documenting progress on the certificate. 

    The exit interview consists of a 30-minute conversation with the Assistant Director in which the student reflects on their experience, explaining what was learned from certificate activities and how it will be (or has been) applied.


  • Documentation & Verification

  • 1. Students are responsible for tracking their progress through the certificate on a "future faculty in religion certificate" tab, so add that tab to your portfolio page. List the 5 requirement categories above on your page. Note: all students receive a portfolio page upon admission to DU. Simply search for your name to find and begin developing it.

    2. As you complete each workshop or task, record it under the appropriate category and attach the documentation. Documentation takes the following forms:

    • OTL workshops require the student to write a one-paragraph summary of what you learned with the date and name of the workshop.
    • Professional Formation Workshop will have a sign-in that is kept by the JDP office.
    • The mentored/observed teaching should be documented by attaching the rubric filled out and signed by student and observer.

    3. Verification occurs during the last requirement, the exit interview, after which the JDP Assistant Director will add your name to the JDP page that verifies all students who have completed the certificate. You should add the link to that page to your own page so that prospective employers can also see the verification.

    4.  You may include that URL for external parties if you want them to see the contents of your certificate. You will also receive a physical certificate. 

  • Files

  • Future Faculty in Religion Certificate.pdf

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