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  • Publication Guide


    Taylor and Francis provides a general walkthrough for publishing your research. This is a great guide for those who have not previously published. 

  • AAR Reading Religion

    Select a book, submit your info/justification, receive a free copy, submit a review for publication

  • Summits & Seminars

  • Wabash Doctoral Student Seminars

    Over the next few years, Wabash Center Teaching Seminars for Doctoral Students will be held in U.S. cities with significant numbers of doctoral programs in theological and religious studies. These seminars will feature conversations around teaching facilitated by two Wabash Consultants.


    To contribute to the formation of future teachers by guiding doctoral students in conversations about teaching, both in general and in specifics including:

    • Critically reflective teaching
    • Design of learning experiences
    • Teaching contexts
    • Issues of diversity in the classroom

    The seminars will also provide an opportunity to acquaint students with the Wabash Center and its resources so they can take advantage of the Wabash Center’s fuller programming when they have teaching appointments. In addition, doctoral students will discover ways to build networks of support and conversation across institutions.

    Wabash Center Doctoral Student Seminars 

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