• Frequently Used Student Forms

  • Frequently Used Forms

    Below you will find frequently used forms. Each section includes information useful for completing the form, and instructions on where it should be submitted

    If you have difficulty locating a form or understanding how to complete it, please contact the JDP Program Manager for assistance at 303-765-3136 or Rhonda.Eaker@du.edu.

  • Dissertation Process

  • Dissertation Process Handout.pdf

    This form has a step-by-step overview of the dissertation process and forms needed. 

    Policy on Virtual Defenses.docx

    The JDP allows for in-person, hybrid, or virtual defenses.

    Calendar and Deadlines

    On this page scroll down until you see a link for Dissertation/Thesis Deadlines. This should link to the current year's deadline calendar. 

  • What a Defense Will Look Like

  • Students are encouraged to attend defenses so that they have some idea of what to expect (and to support their classmates).  Below is a typical overview of how a defense unfolds.

    1. Gathering and welcome

    2. Everyone except the committee leaves the room to allow the committtee to touch base.

    3. The candidate is given about 10 minutes to give an overview.  This can include: how the project got started, main arguments, conceptual approaches, methodology, sources, anticipated conclusions and broader impact. 

    4. The committee asks questions of the candidate.  They may invite anyone else attending the defense to ask questions.

    5.  Everyone leaves the room again and the committee has another brief chat about next steps.  

    6.  They provide the candidate with the results and next steps.

  • Graduation

  • Graduation Application Instructions

    Apply to Graduate Instructions.docx

    At least 2 quarters prior to your anticipated graduation date, you need to apply to graduate.  More information about graduation can be found on the graduation website.

  • Other Forms

  • There are a variety of other forms that might be used for various purposes.  If you are looking for a procedure or a form, here are some places to check.

    DU Office of Graduate Education

    DU Registrar's Office

    Dissertation Information and Process

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