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  • Grant for 2020

  • After two years assessing needs and creating resources to help faculty with mentoring students of
    color, the focus of this grant will be to provide ongoing support to JDP students of color, mutual
    support opportunities between students and faculty of color, and to help other non-JDP students of
    color understand more deeply issues of race and theological/religious academy. We will achieve these
    goals through a series of symposia and receptions for students and faculty of color.

    COVID Note: These events were designed to happen in person so the time frame for completing them has been extended due to the pandemic.

    2020 JDP FTE Grant-Draft 2020-03-25.pdf

  • Grant for 2019

  • After a full year exploring the experiences of our students of color (SOC) and the institutional frameworks that help shape those experiences, we are excited to move forward with the development of a comprehensive and systematic plan of support to improve recruiting, retention, and thriving of our SOC. Using the consultant’s report from our first grant, we will develop a multi-year plan, while also implementing things that can be tackled in 2019. For this implementation we take a two-pronged approach: 1) improve the experience of current SOC by fostering a more responsive, culturally literate, and sensitive community 2) increase the number of SOC with attention to social justice issues.

    IDN Grant Narrative 2019.pdf

  • Grant for 2018

  • The application for an Experimentation grant was submitted by the JDP to the Forum for Theological Exploration's Institutional Doctoral Network (FTE - IDN), of which we are now a member. The on-line application took a format that did not allow it to be captured in a separate file, however, the attached narrative was used to fill out that on-line form and provides the essential information about the grant. The grant was approved for $10,000. JDP will be eligible for an additional grant in the same amount next year, pending successful completion of this grant and submission of a plan and application.

  • JDP IDN Grant narrative 11-8-2017.pdf

  • 2018 IDN Grant Report final.pdf

  • Resources

  • DU and Iliff Organizations of Inclusive Excellence
    The following organizations support our diverse community.  Each offers excellent resources and programs that inform and support inclusive engagement.
    "...ODI supports DU's efforts to advance diversity, equality, and Inclusive Excellence by providing the campus community with opportunities to extend their knowledge, perspectives, and experiences vital to performing effectively in a culturally diverse and globally connected society."
    "IRISE seeks to establish a needed intellectual structure for students and faculty that will (1) facilitate the interdisciplinary teaching and learning, collaboration, research, scholarship, and creative works that seek to promote equality in historically underrepresented communities, and (2) develop, support, and implement academic programs that seek to promote the advancement of historically underrepresented populations in the Academy." 
    "...diversity at Iliff is closely aligned with issues of justice, peace, and constructive social change.  We believe that a world without respect and love for diversity is simply not sustainable."
    "Our Mission is to provide SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, ACADEMIC, and PROFESSIONAL support for Pan-African seminarians during their pursuit of theological education and vocational discernment."
    "The Center challenges the University of Denver Community to create a campus climate that all of its members are valued, supported, and thrive by embracing and engaging our social identities."
    "DULCCES is a consortium of interdisciplinary faculty dedicated to creating and advancing knowledge that gives voice to the history, politics, culture, and legacies of Latino communities."
  • Test Your Implicit Biases

    Harvard Tests for Implicit Bias

  • Checklist to Determine if you are Supporting White Supremacy

    Article by Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt

  • Interested in learning and connecting more to black culture in Denver?

    First, I’d encourage everyone to use social media to flesh out meetups happening in Denver relative to black culture. I attended the MLK rodeo recently, which is a fun event in January during the stock show. To immerse oneself fully in black culture, there are a vast number of organizations available; therefore my recommendation would be to visit for a comprehensive listing. - advice from Rosalynn Feagins, DU's Director of Financial Analysis

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