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  • Changes to Modern Research Language!

  • Methods for satisfying Modern Language

    The methods listed in this document supersede the methods listed in all Student Handbooks below in order to provide more options to all students.

  • Modern Language

    This language allows the student to read scholarship in the field of religious studies. Students choose the langauge that will be most advantageous to their research. To complete this requirement, all students for whom English is the first language must take a reading comprehension and translation exam at a level equivalent to two years of college language. These exams are offered by DU's Center for World Languages and Cultures. All students for whom English is a second language may use their native tongue to satisfy their language requriement as long as it is a language that will support their research. Consult with the academic advisor (assistant director of JDP) regarding your language. 

    The language requirement MUST be satisfied before any student will be allowed to defend the dissertation proposal.  Students are encouraged to take the exam the first year, and if unsuccessful, to enroll in a language course at the proper level at any accredited institution. Students who begin the PhD program without prior coursework should plan to enroll in UG language classes for the two years of coursework and take the exam at the end of the second year.

  • Scholarships/Fellowships for Language Program/Class

    Middlebury Language School provides fellowships to learn languages which cover tuition, room, and board for one summer in any of their 11 Language Schools at any level of study. 

    The Critical Language Scholarship Program is a summer study abroad for students to learn languages. 

    The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center (SQCC) provides scholarships for the Summer Arabic Language and Media (SALAM) program in the Sultanate of Oman. SALAM is a fully-funded intensive Arabic language scholarship program. 

    Blakemore Freeman Fellowship is awarded for one academic year of full-time, intensive language study of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Khmer or Burmese. 

    Translation Studies Scholarship from Khyentse Foundation, awarded to future Dharma translators. 

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