• PhD in Religious & Theological Studies

  • For students who entered the program prior to 2015

    You can find here the descriptions and requirements specific to the concentrations offered by the JDP as it existed prior to 2015.  

  • Common Requirements for All Concentrations

    • 90 quarter credit hours, of which 82 are normally courses and 8 are dissertation.

      3 of these courses (12 quarter hours) are required of all students: 
      - THEO 6001 Theory & Method in Religion 
      - THEO 6002 Pedagogy & Teaching Religion 
      - THEO 6003 Dissertation Proposal Seminar

    • One modern language (typically French, German or Spanish) relevant to scholarship in the student’s focus area. UPDATE: Methods for satisfying Modern Language.pdf 

      To complete this requirement, students take a reading comprehension and translation exam at a level equivalent to two years of college language. Any courses taken to meet this requirement will not count toward the 90 credits needed for the PhD degree and are not covered by program awarded financial aid. Contact the Center for World Languages and Cultures [make this active link] for independent-learning language software and to schedule an exam.

    • Three Comprehensive/Competency Exams based on bibliographies and classes negotiated between student and dissertation advisor.

    • Advancement to Degree Candidacy occurs after completion of coursework, all comp exams, all required languages and successful public defense of the dissertation proposal.

    • Written Dissertation. At least 4 and no more than 8 quarter credits must be taken for dissertation credit. Oral defense of the dissertation must occur no later than three weeks prior to the date of graduation.

    • Application for Graduation must be completed by the scheduled deadline for the desired graduation date. The degree in Religious and Theological Studies will be granted jointly by the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology, bearing the seals and signatures of both institutions. The student’s name is placed in Commencement programs and student may participate in ceremonies of both institutions.

    Please see the description specific to your concentration (left column) for additional requirements.

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