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  • About the JDP GSA

  • The Joint Doctoral Program Graduate Student Association (JDP GSA) is elected by the students in the Joint Program to serve as a resource for both the students and the institutions at which they are studying. We advocate for student issues to DU and Iliff, and function as a central point of coordination and communication about student concerns and affairs.

    The JDP GSA typically meets on a monthly basis (at a minimum once a quarter) with meeting times and dates set at the beginning of each quarter to accommodate the schedules of the members. Meetings are open to all students in the Joint PhD Program and are a great way to get involved.

    There are usually four or five GSA officers. The Faculty Director of the JDP sits on the GSA in an ex-officio capacity. Elections for vacant positions are held in the spring of each year with the exception of the First-Year Student Representative, who is selected by the incoming class in the fall. Terms are two years with the exception of the First-Year Student Representative, who serves for one year. Nomination forms are distributed to all Joint PhD students in the spring. All students are encouraged to self-nominate. From within the elected membership each year, the Association selects a Treasurer, a representative to the Iliff Student Senate, and a President or Co-Presidents.

  • Services of the JDP GSA

  • Reimbursements

    Joint PhD students who present a paper or attend a conference related to their academic program are eligible to receive partial funding from the Student Council. The reimbursement application form must be accompanied by suitable documentation and original receipts. The Council Treasurer can provide specific instructions. Find more information on our Conference Reimbursements section.

    Annual Excellence Awards

    Each spring three students and one faculty member are selected as recipients of the Joint PhD Student Association Awards, which include accolades for Outstanding Student, Outstanding Leadership and Community Service by a Student, Outstanding Publishing and/ or Research by a Student, and Outstanding Faculty Member. Nomination forms are distributed to all Joint PhD students in the spring. Students are encouraged to self-nominate, particularly for the publication and research award. Award recipients are announced at the annual Joint PhD Spring Soirée. For a complete history of award recipients, see the GSA Handbook.

    2018-2019 Award Recipients
    Outstanding Student: Michael Laminack
    Outstanding Leadership and Community Service: Camilla Raymond
    Outstanding Publishing and/or Research Award: Philippa Meek
    Outstanding Faculty Member: Ted Vial

    2017-2018 Award Recipients
    Outstanding Student: Joshua Smith
    Outstanding Leadership and Community Service: Nestor Gomez-Morales
    Outstanding Publishing and/or Research: Rode Molla
    Outstanding Faculty Member: Mark George

    2016-2017 Award Recipients
    Outstanding Student: Teresa Crist
    Outstanding Leadership and Community Service: Joshua Bartholomew
    Outstanding Publishing and/or Research: Benjamin Peters
    Outstanding Faculty Member: Annette Stott

    2015-2016 Award Recipients
    Outstanding Student: David N. Scott
    Outstanding Leadership and Community Service: Albert McClure
    Outstanding Publishing and/or Research: Danny Yencich
    Outstanding Faculty Member: Miguel De La Torre

  • Resources

  • GSA Handbook and Constitution 2018.pdf

  • 2013-2014 Student Council Handbook.pdf

  • Student Council Constitution.pdf

  • Upcoming Events

  • Officers 2022-23

  • Justin Friel
    President/ Director of Communications 
    Björn Holmquist
    Vice President/ Director of Finance
    Isabela Rosales
    Third Year Representative
    Wesley Snedeker
    Graduate Student Government Representative (DU)/2nd Year Representative
    Tory Moir
    First Year Representative
    Eunjin Jeon
    International Student Representative
    Sho McClarence
    Member at Large
  • Conference Reimbursements

  • The Reimbursement Form and instructions can be found on the new JDP Portolio site

    Joint PhD students who present a paper or attend a conference related to their academic program are eligible to apply to receive partial funding in the form of reimbursement from the Joint Doctoral Program Graduate Student Association (JDP GSA).  All application forms for reimbursement must be accompanied by suitable documentation and original receipts. Reimbursement will be considered for: travel (airfare, busfare, trainfare), lodging, rental car, and registration or membership fees.  Fuel costs will be considered per DU's mileage policy.  Note that sales tax will not be reimbursed. 

    The JDP GSA will reimburse up to $200 of eligible expenses for attending a conference and up to $400 of eligible expenses for presenting at a conference.  (This amount is increased to $600 if presenting at a conference outside of the United States of America.)  Reimbursements are generally limited to two requests per student per academic year.  Additional requests may be considered at the discretion of the JDP GSA if funds are available at the end of the year.  

    Reimbursements are available on a first-come, first-served basis until annual funds are depleted.  There is no guarantee that all requests will be met, and amounts are subject to change without notice.  

    Please note that the GSA is only able to reimburse students for conference related expenses.  Applications for research funding will be denied.  We encourage you to seek out external research grants or other sources of funding for your research.

    Instructions for Reimbursements:  

    Fill out the “Student Conference Reimbursement Form" located above. Submit original receipts and documentation, including conference registration confirmation and/or a conference booklet which includes a list of presenters (if applying for presenter reimbursement) along with the form as digital copies. To submit reimbursements please send the completed form and all documentation to both the Vice President of the GSA (currently AND President of the GSA (currently We make every attempt to submit the reimbursements with 2-3 days of receiving them. If you have not heard from us after a week please feel free to email us again.

    Please note that requests submitted without original documentation cannot be fulfilled. 

    If a student presents at a conference, that student may apply for funds from both the JPD GSA and from DU’s Graduate Student Professional Development Grant (GSPDG).  (Reimbursements are not available from GSPDG for attendance alone.)  Funding from the JPD GSA is a requirement for receiving reimbursement from the GSPDG, and students seeking GSPDG monies should fill out the “Common Application Form.”  

    Instructions for Common Application Form:

    Go to, and be sure to note all of the OGE travel guidelines. This page includes the application and detailed information visible to everyone in the DU community.  You will be required to enter your DU ID and password.  

    Submit the completed application form along with ORIGINAL receipts and all other supplemental materials as digital copies or scans to the Vice President of GSA's email (currently

    If you have any questions about the GSPDG, please contact Adaku Marizu at  

    Requests for reimbursement, once submitted, will be reviewed by the officers of the JDP GSA.  If you are approved for reimbursement, you will receive email notification from the Director of Finance.  DU will notify you via email about when your reimbursement will be processed.

    Please direct any questions about the reimbursement process to the Vice President/Director of Finance, Björn Holmquist, at


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