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  • ePortfolios for Reflection

  • The resources provided on this page are intended for modification and re-use by educators in the DU community who plan to incorporate reflective ePortfolios into their teaching practices. Please feel free to reach out to if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

  • Example Portfolio Templates

    The following sites are examples of template mock-ups that faculty have created to guide their students in the development of an ePortfolio project that aligns with a specific structure. This approach can streamline the grading process, and relieve anxiety for students who aren't sure where to begin. If you'd like to create a custom template for your course, please reach out to to initiate a consultation.

  • Sample Reflective Portfolio

     Citizen Science Project - Samples & Template

    Sociology of Denial - Journal Templates

    LP's Portfolio FSEM Template

     Social Class and College Culture FSEM Template

     Professor Willink's Template Portfolio

     Professor Wilson's FSEM Template

     Professor Gaibor's Personal Page Template

     All the Monsters Around Us FSEM Template

     Professor Sutton's FSEM Template Portfolio

     Fracturing Fairy Tales ePortfolio Community

     Fracturing Fairy Tales FSEM Template Portfolio

     The Digital Age TEMPLATE Portfolio

    DU Transfer Student Community

    WRIT 1122 Portfolio Template

     Design Thinking Community

  • Example Student Portfolios

    The following sites are examples of student work created for a course or program at DU that required reflective portfolios.

  • Pioneer Award Winner - Andi Schlut

    Pioneer Award Winner - Cristin Espinoza

    Pioneering Business for the Public Good, group portfolio - Issue: Election Reform

    Pioneering Business for the Public Good, group portfolio - Issue: Clean Energy

    Pioneering Business for the Public Good, group portfolio - Issue: Waste Reduction

    Design Thinking Community, group portfolio - Issue: Ecodesign

  • General Resources

  • ePortfolios for Reflection: 7 Best Practices

    Curated list of best practices (informed by field literature) for reflective ePortfolios.

  • DU Portfolio - Sample Assignment Instructions

    If you have chosen to use DU Portfolio as a platform for ePortfolio projects in your course, please feel free to use or modify the content in this document when writing your assignment instructions. Contact if you'd like to set up a deeper consultation.

  • ePortfolio Development Worksheet

    Downloadable worksheet supporting the collection, selection, and reflection processes for developing a reflective ePortfolio.

  • Example Rubric

    Example grading rubric used to assess reflective ePortfolio projects in an ASEM writing course.

    By: Aubrey Schiavone, Teaching Assistant Professor in the Writing Program

  • Fellows ePortfolio Process

    Example framework for a pilot program running in the Daniels Distinction program.

  • ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community (eFLC)

    The ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community was formed as a way for faculty and educators at DU to stay connected and informed about ePortflios and High-Impact Practices, and to also have a place to learn more about ways to effectively integrate them into our classrooms and across campus.

    Visit the eFLC website

  • Contact Us: Please feel free to reach out to or with any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one consultation regarding the use of DU Portfolio in academic contexts.

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