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  • Pedagogical Support

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    OTL ePortfolio Project Site

    A collection of curated resources supporting the emerging use of ePortfolios as a high impact practice in teaching and learning. Highlighting useful references, guides, and workshops for anyone using ePortfolios to enhance learning at the University of Denver.

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    Faculty Consultations

    Contact to request a one-on-one consultation about the use of ePortfolios in academic contexts, and/or for specific support using the DU Portfolio application.

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    Individualized Course Support

    The OTL is able to individually support a select number of instructors with the incorporation of reflective ePortfolio practices through a combination of: one-on-one consultations, tailored resources, and customized in-class workshops.

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    Custom Templates

    Do you have a specific structure in mind that you'd like students to use when developing the pages of their ePortfolios? Set up a consultation through to discuss the possibility of creating a custom template that can be downloaded for use within an individual ePortfolio.

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    Faculty Workshop Series

    These workshops are intended for faculty interested in using DU Portfolio and reflective ePortfolios in their teaching practice.

    Please contact if you'd like to schedule a workshop for a different audience (i.e. pilot groups, staff, etc.).

    Faculty Orientation to Reflective ePortfolios (offered during week 2: September 19th, from 1230-2pm)

    An introductory session highlighting the benefits of, and initial steps for, incorporating reflective ePortfolios as a High Impact Practice in the classroom. Participants will also be provided with an overview of possible ePortfolio applications, and a specific a demonstration of how the dedicated DU Portfolio application works, and guided through the initial steps for creating DU Portfolio sites.
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    Using ePortfolios in the Classroom (offered during week 4: October 3rd, from 1230-2pm)

    A workshop that takes a deeper dive into the research linking reflective ePortfolios to increased student retention, completion, and satisfaction rates, when done well (and what "doing it well" means!). Participants will also be encouraged to identify appropriate resources available to them, and begin developing strategies and processes that taylor the use of an ePortfolio assignment to the objectives of a specific course or program.
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    ePortfolio Advanced Practice Lab (offered during week 6: October 17th, from 1230-2pm)

    An informal open lab where ePortfolio adopters will be provided with tutorials for leveraging tools within the DU Portfolio application to enhance reflective practices, and an opportunity to work through implementation and design challenges (when using any ePortfolio application) with colleagues, peers, and experts.
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    ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community (eFLC)

    The ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community was formed as a way for faculty and educators at DU to stay connected and informed about ePortflios and High-Impact Practices, and to also have a place to learn more about ways to effectively integrate them into our classrooms and across campus.

    Visit the eFLC website

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    Student Open Labs

    Open labs are an unstructured drop-in hour where DU Portfolio users will have access to peers and experts who can help them to work through design challenges and strategies for using the application to create a well-designed ePortfolio site. These labs are typically held by Writing Center Student Ambassadors during weeks 7-9 of each academic term, and are intended for anyone who is unable to attend a full workshop but would like some assistance with using the DU Portfolio application.

    Contact Megan Kelly for more information.

  • DU Portfolio Events Calendar

  • Contact Us: Please feel free to reach out to or with any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one consultation regarding the use of DU Portfolio in academic contexts.

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