• Entry on KC Green's webcomic "On Fire"

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  • KC Green - "On Fire."

  • This is a template for an entry incorporating an image. Once you've added this page into your portfolio, you'll need to edit each column. Do so by clicking the pencil icon that appears in the top right of each column. 

    Left Hand Column
    Column 1

    In the left hand column (Column 1), you should place someone else's photograph, illustration, or comic. You can also use this template to post a screenshot of a webpage that you want to comment on; just be sure to provide a link for the webpage. Or you can draw your own illustration of a common scenario involving the use of denial, photograph it with your phone, and upload it in that left hand column. (There's some evidence that drawing an abstract concept helps commit it to memory. See "A Simple Way to Better Remember Things: Draw a Picture" in the New York Times.) 

    If you use someone else's image, be sure to credit them by name and, whenever possible, with the title of the image. Include a link whenever possible.

    Right Hand Column
    Column 2

    In this column, reflect on the image, describing what it reveals to you about denial, the forms denial takes, and the processes through which denial occurs.

    It goes without saying that you should delete my text from your template. 


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