About Portfolio

General System Information

The University of Denver Portfolio is a fully developed web-based application that supports the academic community with a searchable database of electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff and alumni, and communities.

The DU Portfolio grew from a project initiated by faculty and students in the School of Communication at the University of Denver (DU) with funding from the Sturm Family Foundation obtained by DU's Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL) in 2002. As other academic units expressed interest in using DU Portfolio for their students and faculty, the project moved to the OTL and the technical development was accomplished through collaboration between the OTL technical staff and Statera Inc, a computer consulting company in Denver, CO. Throughout the development period, a faculty committee met with the technical team to provide necessary academic direction. After 10 years of use on the DU campus, the applications was re-written in 2013 to enhance functionality and improve overall user experience.

Portfolio Types

Personal Portfolios

Any person with a DU ID number and passcode may develop a DU portfolio. Simply log in and select 'Create Portfolio' on your home page. Items in the portfolio may be set as private or made available to the public, to the DU community, or to selected groups of individuals.

Community Portfolios

DU students, staff, alumni or faculty members may create a community portfolio on their home page. Community portfolios are used by committees, student groups, and faculty groups as a web space for sharing information and maintaining contact. Departments/units use community portfolios for dissemination of materials of importance to their members. Specific portfolio content may be made available to the public, the DU community, or selected groups of individuals. Guests may become community members at the discretion of the community manager.


User Account Access

Alumni may use portfolio for life.
Staff and faculty portfolios are locked 280 days following the last date of employment.
Portfolios of students who drop-out, transfer, or in any other way do not complete a DU degree or certificate program are locked 280 days following the last date of attendance.

Deactivated DU Accounts

Only current students, alumni, staff, and faculty are permitted to login to our system. If you leave the University without completing a degree, your account will no longer be active, your portfolio will no longer be viewable, and will eventually be deleted.

Appropriate Content and Copyright

All users of the DU Portfolio system agree to abide by the DU Honor Code, DU Portfolio Use Policies, and DU's Fair Use Policies each time they log into the system. Additionally, individual users are responsible for their own content - meaning that content which is inappropriate or which violates someone else's copyright is the responsibility of the user who uploaded it and not the responsibility of the University of Denver. If the university discovers a user to be in violation of these policies, the item(s) in question will be deleted from university servers and the portfolio in question will be locked.

Locked Portfolios

Locked portfolios are not available for viewing. Portfolios can be locked in one of two ways.

  1. A system administrator can lock any portfolio with questionable content or content that violates copyright. An attempt will be made to notify affected users via email in this case.
  2. Any portfolio that has not been updated or edited in 2 years will be locked. You can unlock your portfolio by logging into your account and clicking the link that is provided in the banner alerting you that your portfolio is locked. If the portfolio remains locked for a year, the portfolio (and all of its contents) will be automatically deleted at that time.

Portfolio Deletion

Portfolios that have been locked for a year will automatically be deleted by the system. This is a total period of 3 years of inactivity for the portfolio in question.

Portfolio managers can delete their portfolio (personal or community) at any time by going to the portfolio 'Settings' page and selecting 'Portfolio Deletion'

Guest Account Deletion

Guest accounts that have not been logged into for 1 year and are not members of a community, will automatically be deleted from the system.


Please contact the OTL Help Desk with questions about DU Portfolio at 303-871-2084 or by email at otl@du.edu. For inquiries about specific pages or communities within DU Portfolio, you will need to contact the individual(s) responsible for maintaining those resources.