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  • Faculty Resources

  • ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community (eFLC)

    The ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community was formed as a way for faculty and educators at DU to stay connected and informed about ePortflios and High-Impact Practices, and to also have a place to learn more about ways to effectively integrate them into our classrooms and across campus.

    Visit the eFLC website

  • One out of three students have used ePortfolios

    Why Use ePortfolios? Evidence suggests that the creation of an ePortfolio facilitates meaningful reflection in the learning process, while increasing success in reaching personal learning goals. In light of these benefits and many others, the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) added the use of ePortfolios for reflection to their research-based list of "High Impact Practices" for teaching and learning in 2016. 

    Benefits of using ePortfolios in the classroom:

    • Increases grade point averages, graduation rates, and term-to-term persistence rates
    • Provides authentic assessment of student learning
    • Creates opportunities to connect experiences with learning outcomes over time
    • Promotes deep learning
    • Allows for metacognition through periodic reflections
    • Facilitates integrated learning across academic contexts and experiences

    Sources: ePortfolios, the 11th High Impact Practice and The Benefits of E-portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words

  • Sample Rubrics

    Integrative and Applied Learning VALUE Rubric

    A rubric developed by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) that is intended for institutional-level discussion and evaluation of student learning.

    ePortfolio Assessment Rubric

    A grading rubric for measuring student mastery developed by Boston University, College of General Sducation and inspired by the AAC&U VALUE Rubric.

    Assessment Resources

    A collection of sample rubrics curated by San Francisco State University.

    Teaching and Summative ePortfolio Rubrics

    Two sample rubrics from Auburn University's Office of University Writing for evaluating student performance through ePortfolios including: one to help students through the process of creating a portfolio, and one to assess the final product of an ePortfolio project.

    EPortfolio (Digital Portfolio) Rubric

    An example rubric developed by the University of Wisconsin-Stout that is intended for student self-assessment and peer feedback.

  • Articles and Links

     Five Ways to use ePortfolios for Reflection

    A recent article with strategies for implementing reflective ePortfolios in academic contexts. This article is written by Heather Tobin (instructional designer and adjunct instructor at DU), and is based on projects that DU faculty and staff collaborated on during the 2018 academic year.

    Field Guide to Eportfolios 

    A collection of peer-reviewed articles curated by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) that strives to define the use of reflective ePortfolios as a field of professional practice. The guide is updated periodically.

     Editorial: ePortfolios - the 11th High Impact Practice

    The initial announcement (published in the International Journal of ePortfolio. Vol 6, No. 2) identifying ePortfolios as an eleventh high impact practie due to evidence based results indicating increases in student success metrics.

    AAEEBL ePortfolio Review (AePR) 

    An annual publication from the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEBL) covering pedagogy, research, tecnology, and organization/administrative issues of ePortfolios as a transformational practice in higher education.

    11 Essentials for Excellent Digital Portfolios

    An article by Vicki Davis on that presents 11 big ideas to help you get started using ePortfolios in the classroom.

    High-Impact Educational Practices

    A .pdf of the 11 High Impact Practices (HIPs) recognized by the Association of American Colleges and Unviersities (AAC&U) with detailed descriptions and examples of each. 

    Teaching Portfolio Community

    An OTL portfolio community supporting faculty in the creation of teaching portfolios for review and promotion.

    ePortfolios for Reflection

    A curated collection of resources intended for modificationand reuse by DU educators using reflective ePortfolios in their teaching practices. 

  • Graphic of a hand holding a computer

    Faculty Workshop Series: DU Portfolio for High Impact Practice

    These workshops are intended for faculty interested in using DU Portfolio and reflective ePortfolios in their teaching practice.

    Please contact if you'd like to schedule a workshop for a different audience (i.e. pilot groups, staff, etc.).

    Faculty Orientation to DU Portfolio (offered during interterm: TBD)

    An introductory session highlighting the benefits of, and initial steps for, incorporating reflective ePortfolios as a High Impact Practice in the classroom. Participants will also be provided with a demonstration of how the DU Portfolio application works, and guided through the initial steps for creating DU Portfolio sites.
    Register now!

    Using DU Portfolio in the Classroom (offered during week 2: TBD)

    A workshop that takes a deeper dive into the research linking reflective ePortfolios to increased student retention, completion, and satisfaction rates, when done well (and what "doing it well" means!). Participants will also be encouraged to identify appropriate resources available to them, and begin developing strategies and processes that taylor the use of DU Portfolio to the objectives of a specific course or program.
    Register now!

    DU Portfolio Advanced Practice Lab (offered during week 5: TBD)

    An informal open lab where DU Portfolio adopters will be provided with tutorials for leveraging tools within the application to enhance reflective practices, and an opportunity to work through implementation and design challenges with colleagues, peers, and experts.
    Register now!

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