• Our Story

  • We are WasteLess, a passionate group of students dedicated to reducing waste in Restuarants and Bars in the local Denver community.  We were formed in the Spring in 2018 where our four members, Michael Young, Maddy Lewis, Caitlin Hood, and Josh Lucero, come together to discuss how we could use business to help the greater community and society.  Our passions all aligned in two areas, a love for food and drinks and sustainabilty.  We decided that we would like to focus in on how we can help local restuarants and bars in the local Denver community reduce their waste and become more sustianble member of thier communities.  We belive that business has the power and responability to give back to society in ways that go well beyond profits and employment.  Restuarnats and bars are both popular destinations for all community members and by working with these establishments we believe that we can reduce waste, imporove profits, and increase customer statisfaction through out waste reduction solutions.  

  • Mission Statement

  • To use the power and responabilty of local reestuarants and bars to reduce waste production, grow profits, and increase customer satisfaction and overal reputation as a stand up community member who is active in bettering society.

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  • Our team

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young

    Hello! My name is Michael Young and I am from Highlands Ranch, CO, about 30 minutes south of Denver, and am a rising Senior at the University of Denver studying Finance, Spanish, and Leadership Studies.  I found my passion for waste reduction when prompted the question "How can business help society?"  I began to think of some of my favorite things in the world, one being good food and even better drinks.  This sparked the idea to look into what kind of waste production restuarants and bars produce, aside from just the daily food that they have to throw away.  I spend my free time playing guitar and bass in a alternative rock band, producing music, playing soccer, and spending quality time with my family and friends.  I hope to see our world become a more sustainable and cared for place and am excited to continue to work towards redcuing waste in local restuarants and bars.  Cheers!

  • Maddy Lewis
    Maddy Lewis

    Hi, my name is Maddy Lewis and I am from Seattle, Washington. I am a Business Information & Analytics major and Marketing minor. During my free time I love spending time outdoors, running, hiking, skiiing, and more. I decided to join team Wasteless because often times when I go out to eat whether it's take out or I am eating at a fast-causal eatery I have noticed that large amounts of waste that gets produced from places like that. The goal of our project is to help restaurants find alternatives to the way they waste the resources they use when operating their business.

  • Josh Lucero
    Josh Lucero

    My name is Josh Lucero and I am from Seattle, WA. I am a Business Analytics major with a minor in Art History. In my free time I love to play Ultimate Frisbee and guitar, singing, and watching sports. I have always been big into environmental conservation, dating back to my Bar Mitzvah project, which focused on planting trees in a local watershed. I am looking forward to tackling this issue of waste reduction in a constructive way!

  • Caitlin Hood
    Caitlin Hood

    Hey! My name is Caitlin Hood and I'm from Crystal, Minnesota. I am currently studying business analytics at the University of Denver. I enjoy hanging out with friends, skiing, hiking, and coaching youth hockey. I'm passionate about this project because I studied abroad in Thailand and saw first hand how plastics have negatively effected their oceans. I feel there is a lot that can be done on a local level to combat this problem and I am excited to help! 

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