• Dear BIOL 1222 Students: 

    The purpose of these DU Portfolio templates are to give you an idea of how to potentially think about designing your citizen science presentation. These various examples should not be considered inflexible templates, but rather examples of the different ways in which you can present various information you might choose to have in your final presentation. The goal is to give you ideas, but each group is expected to ultimately create their own presentation using the diverse combination of resources that can be embedded within DU Portfolio pages. 

    The value of doing your Citizen Science final project in DU Portfolio is that it is intended to always be available for you to access, share, demo, or keep for any othe reason. This can be valuable if you want to show examples of your ability to work in a team, create interesting and engaging content, and your knowledge to potential employers, internships, or for other reasons. 

  • ~Dr. Barbekkah Hurtt

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