• Welcome to my ePortfolio!

    Here you can find information on who I am and what I’ve been working on throughout my year here at the University of Denver in my freshman seminar class. To learn more about who I am, you can click on the link to my “Bio” page in the table of contents. On the "Reflections" page, you will find content that is organized into three different categories: FSEM Reflections, Fall Experience Reflections, and Looking Forward. Each category includes a brief description of the content that you will find within the sub-folder.

    • The “FSEM Reflection” section includes my responses to readings, documentaries, and other subjects that I explored during my Freshman Seminar course “Freedom and It’s Opposites.”
    • The “Fall Experience Reflection” section is composed of documents which reflect on my the development of my character, and my thoughts on events which occurred in the University of Denver. The University of Denver hosts many events which allow me to explore my interests. This section will evaluate what the experience of those events were like, and why I have interests in that event.
    • The “Looking Forward” section analyzes my winter quarter classes, and why I chose them.

    Some common themes you may find in my portfolio include....

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