• Week 8: Revising Goals & Standards

    Objectives Weekly Activities Homework (complete by Week 9)
    • Discuss perfectionism and the value/challenge of lowering standards.

    • Share progress to goals and goals for next week (Usually 15 min/person)

    • Begin the week with a Weekly Planning session.
    • Write every day (30 mins) use the timer, and complete your daily writing log.
    • Reward yourself for writing every day.
    • Continue to name your sources of resistance as part of your daily log.
    • Purposely lower one standard every day (cannot be personal hygiene or sleep).
    • Watch: Ocampo, "How to Engage in Healthy Conflict." (Webinar, 1:09).
    • Guiding Questions:
      • Write about one source of conflict are you experiencing in your professional life where either time, positionality, or power differentials make difficult to address.
      • In which contexts do you benefit from a power differential, and in which contexts do power differentials put you at a disadvantage (discursive, economic, etc.)?
      • What “best practices” do you usually use to resolve  conflict? 
      • What triggers make those “best practices” hard to observe? 


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