• Week 6: Rethinking Mentoring & Networks

    Objectives Weekly Activities Homework (complete by Week 7)
    • Discuss mentoring, including how it differs between lines and level of advancement among group members.
    • Share progress to goals and goals for the following week (15 mins/person).
    • Start the week with a weekly planning session.
    • Write every day (at least 30 minutes), use the timer, and complete your daily check-in, including a written reflection on what you accomplished.
    • Reward yourself (a walk, a call with a friend, etc.).
    • Maintain your practice of naming sources of resistance in your log.
    • Watch: How to Manage Stress, Rejection & the Haters in Your Midst. (Webinar, 1:06).
    • Guiding Questions:
      • What are your “drop everything” triggers? What manages to *always* make it through the boundaries you set (e.g., certain kinds of service, teaching, etc.), no matter how little time or low priority it might be for your personal professional goals? 
      • What roles, tasks, or responsibilities can you name (i.e., service in the university or the field) that, were you were hospitalized with COVID today, someone else could either A) carry on without you, or B) live without?
      • How might that change your sense of what you choose to do (and choose to delegate, put on the back burner, or scale back) in the name of work/life balance, or self care right now?


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