• Overview of the Writing Accountability Program

    Grown out of a partnership between the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs and the University Writing Program & Writing Center, the Writing Accountability Program is available to support your writing goals. We offer two types of programming

    • Writing Accountability Groups (WAG) are weekly sessions structured around an NCFDD curriculum designed to foster faculty well-being and sustainable productivity. WAGs consist of small groups of 3-5 faculty and a trained facilitator and focus on the process of writing. Sessions include both discussion and structured writing time, and participants produce an artifact by quarter’s end (to include manuscripts, strategic plans, grant proposals, promotion materials, etc.). WAG sessions meet once a week for 90 minutes.
    • Write-in-Place (WiP) groups -- a lower commitment alternative (or complement) to WAGs -- are weekly sessions where faculty gather (either in person or via Zoom) and write alongside colleagues from across campus. WiP sessions offer minimal facilitation and provide faculty with the opportunity to work on their own projects.

    For questions about these programs, please contact Megan Kelly, Writing Accountability Program Coordinator (megan.j.kelly@du.edu).

  • NCFDD Resources

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