• Week 2: Aligning Time with Priorities

    Objectives Weekly Activities

    Homework (complete by Week 3)

    • Share your strategic plans (Typical to accomplish 2-3 goals over 12 weeks). 
      • View Sample Strategic Plans here.
    • Discuss your plan with mentor in next week.
    • Print your plan a(or your main goals) and put it by your writing area.
    • Share progress to goals and goals for next week (Usually 15 min/person).
    • Write every day (at least 30 minutes), use the timer, and complete your daily check-in. 
    • Give yourself a pat on the back in the form of a quick written reflection on what you accomplished, no matter how small.
    • After writing, reward yourself (a 15-minute walk, a call with a friend, a cookie, etc.).

    Guiding Questions:

    • What changes have you started to see in how you view your writing practice? 
    • What measures have you included in your planning to ensure balance -- I.e., sustaining self-care alongside professional goals? Are there “rewards” you might fold into your planning that double as self-care? 

    Optional Materials + Modalities: 

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