• This page offers resources for those writing in American edited academic English. We recognize that there's a lot to learn -- not just English itself but all the habits and practices that university writing involves. Take a look!

  • Oxford Collocation Dictionary

    The Oxford Collocation Dictionary "shows words commonly used in combination," which is a useful way to get a feel for the "essential building blocks" of English language. 

  • Using English in Classroom Settings

    The following handouts were developed by Dr. Shawna Shapiro, an Associate Professor of writing, linguistics, and education at Middlebury College.

  • Summary, Paraphrase, and Citation

    Concepts and strategies for paraphrase and summary, two of the fundamental moves of American academic writing, from the Purdue OWL. 

    The EAP Foundation offers specific and practical advice for including in-text citations in a variety of citation styles. 

    English Language and Educational Consultant Andy Gillett offers useful strategies for citing sources and integrating sources into your own writing


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