• Support-folio for Writers on the DU Campus

  • Resources for First-Generation Students

    Are you a First-Generation undergraduate student studying the liberal arts? The College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences has a First Generation Program that provides mentors, guidance, and resources to help you navigate your college experience.

    Please contact Carol Helstosky at chelstos@du.edu and/or Renissa Gannie at Renissa.Gannie@du.edu for more information about this support program.

  • Wellness Support

  • Center for Advocacy, Prevention, & Empowerment (CAPE)

    Writing is a task that can sometimes be mentally and emotionally taxing, leaving writers feeling especially vulnerable. In the course of your writing process, stress may expose thoughts or feelings you wish to discuss further. At the Writing Center, we believe your writing is best when you take care of yourself and your mental health.

    The DU Writing Center is proud to collaborate with the Center for Advocacy, Prevention, & Empowerment (CAPE), which provides advocacy for students, faculty and staff impacted in any way (whether first or second hand) by interpersonal-violence (IPV). IPV is an umbrella term for sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking or other forms of relationship violence, including platonic and familial relationships. CAPE is available for confidential support around academics, stress and anxiety, therapy referrals, navigating medical and reporting options, obtaining a no-contact order, getting financial supports, or simply being a safe and confidential place to talk through your experience.

    You can find more information about CAPE or schedule an appointment with a confidential advocate though their website (https://www.du.edu/health-and-counseling-center/cape/) or by email: cape@du.edu. 

  • Health & Counseling Center (HCC)

    Information coming soon.

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