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  • Writing in Specific Fields

    Some of the best resources on writing in your disicpline or major are your instructors. Ask them to talk about writing in your field, and ask for examples. 

  • Specific Genres

    It's important to remember that even standard genres like literature reviews and executive summaries can look quite different depending on the field and the situation. Read assignment prompts and application requirements carefully, and talk to your professors and classmates about the writing you're doing. 

  • More Writing Help

  • More Writing Help

    Every writer needs the best resources availabe for any project, and we are no exception! We regularly turn to the resources that our colleagues at other universities use, and we encourage you to find and bookmark the ones that work for you. 

  • Research Genres

    This section includes resources for a range of research genres: writing a proposal or abstract, creating a research poster. Our resources are tailored to the DU Research Symposium but include strategies, practices, and samples that are useful across contexts. 

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