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    Maria Elena Garcia
    509-302-3315 (mobile)
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    Mitra Verma
    720-298-3568 (mobile)


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    Weather Policy:  Updated Information

    Classes Cancelled: All OLLI at DU  classes held on the DU campus will be cancelled if the Denver Public Schools (DPS) are closed OR if DU closes for the day.

    Late Start: If the school district announces a late start, OLLI at DU -DU Campus classes will start at the regularly scheduled time.

    Inservice Days: If the school district is closed for inservice during a snow day, there would be no announcement on the news.  In that event, the greeting at the OLLI at DU office, 303-871-3090, will be changed by 7am to announce whether classes will be held or not.  


  • Testimonials - What OLLI at DU members say about our courses and instructors...


              Get Your Kicks on Route 66 with Dr. Mark Payler. 

                                                                                 “Mark's enthusiasm for his subject turns what could be an ordinary travelogue (and then you get to A and then to B and than to C....) into a fun adventure that makes you want to jump into your own car and hit the road.

                  Irish Immigrants in Early Colorado with Dr. James Walsh

                                                                                  "Jim has so much experience and presence based on his own passion and empathy. He especially resonates with his personal experiences of Irish Immigration."

    .                Dementia 101 + Reducing Your Risk with JJ Jordan

                                                                                   “I'm amazed at how much information we got and there was no fluff. To receive that firehouse of information and to have it feel manageable is a tribute to JJ's excellent slides, her high energy/fast-paced delivery, and her sense of humor. She is a  true professional”.

                    The Swing Era- "Jazz at its Peak" with Robert Joyce

                                                                                     “Exceeded my expectations. I hope to take more classes from him in the future. I am now taking the first of the blues and it too is outstanding. It has been a joy to know him”.


    .                Mindful Self-Care Journaling with Carolyn Varvel

                                                                                     “Carolyn was well versed in the material and the presentation was well organized. She was a phenomenal facilitator and treated each of the participants with care, kindness, and understanding”.

                                Watercolor Pencils for Beginners with Mitra Verma

                                                                                      “Mitra welcomed all questions and was able to provide some critique of our work using Zoom. By having the class on Zoom, we could see her technique”.


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