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  • Members Are Our Partners

    As a volunteer-centric organization, we rely on members to facilitate or co-faciitate classes, be an in-person or online class assistant, and help with surveys, proof-reading, marketing and fundraising initiatives.

    What are your strengths and how we can help you put them to work for OLLI at DU?  Contact any of the staff members listed on the Contact List tab or send an email to


    Zooming for New Member Welcome

    (see description of workshop to the right)

    Please join us as we walk you through the OLLI program.

    Thursday, 3/23; 10:00-11:00

    Click to join New Member Welcome

    If you have not used Zoom before for a meeting, please see our informational Zoom Tab.

  • Zooming for OLLI Members

    (see description of workshop to the right)

    Thursday, 3/23/23; 11:30-12:30 pm

    Click to join How to Zoom for Members

    If you have not used Zoom before for a meeting, please see our informational Zoom Tab.


    New Member Welcome- ONLINE (60 minutes)

    Covers: information about the Osher Foundation, OLLI at DU, and the seven sites (campuses) for OLLI at DU. Learn how to get involved in this volunteer-driven organization by facilitating a course, serving on a committee, planning an event, or leading a special interest group (e.g., bridge, chess, hiking, biking, photography, mah jong, gardening). Learn about our registration program (ProClass) and how to register for courses and webinars. Learn about the three types of membership (Introductory, Term and Annual)

    Zooming for OLLI Members - ONLINE (60 minutes)

    Covers: The fundamental components of the Zoom application: how to register with Zoom for each course; how to enter the Zoom room each week; weekly email reminders from Zoom; and saving the Zoom link. We’ll review the various Zoom “icons” on the Zoom controls menu; especially focusing on the use of the Participants List, the Chat function, and the Reactions buttons. We will explain how to stop/start your camera and your microphone. We will also explore the ‘View’ features of Zoom, which allow you to optimize your personal perspective of the Zoom meeting.





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