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    Lifelong-Learning Research-Bibliography.xlsx


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  • LIVE Trainings via Zoom

    Basic Zoom Facilitator Workshop
    Monday, 3/20/23  10:00 am - 12:00 am
    Click to Join Basic Zoom Facilitator Workshop

    Advanced Zoom Facilitator Workshop
    Monday, 3/20/23  1:00pm - 3:00 pm
    Click to Join Advanced Zoom Facilitator Workshop

    Using Polls and Breakout Rooms Workshop

    Tuesday, 3/21/23  10:00am - 11:00am

    Click to Join Using Polls and Breakout Rooms Workshop

    Self-Sufficient Facilitator Workshop
    Tuesday, 3/21/23  11:30 am - 12:30pm
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  • Basic Zoom Facilitator Workshop (60-120 minutes)

    Ideal for anyone new to facilitating via Zoom or those that want a refresher

    Covers:  The fundamental components of the Zoom application such as: Zoom registration, updating your Zoom application, entering Zoom room; admitting folks from waiting room, mute/unmute, camera on/off, participant section, renaming members, views, raise/lower hands, and reactions. We will talk about host and co-host vs. participant and the difference between what each of the roles can and cannot do. We’ll review the various Zoom “icons” on the Zoom controls menu; especially focusing on the use of the Participants List, the Chat function, and the Reactions buttons. We will also explore the ‘View’ features of Zoom, which allow you to optimize your personal perspective of the Zoom meeting.

    Advanced Zoom Facilitator Workshop (60-120 minutes)

    Ideal for all facilitators

    Covers:  “Host and co-host” privileges and the Zoom Application itself. How to download it and to keep it up to date. We will show how to logon to the DU Zoom platform using the IDs and how to start a class which has been scheduled in the Meetings area of the ID. Will cover hosting privileges including Rename participants, Promoting participants, Muting/Asking to Unmute  participants, Stopping/Asking to Start a participant’s video. We’ll cover Screen Sharing basics and some more advanced topics for different methods of sharing PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, MP4/M4V Videos, and DVD Videos. Time permitting, we will talk about some tools for downloading videos from Websites like YouTube, Video player Software, and we can provide additional tips for embedding videos in aPowerPoint/Keynote presentation.

    Using Breakout Rooms and Polls Workshop for Facilitators (60 min)

    Ideal for all Self-Sufficient Facilitators

    Covers: How to create Polls for your class and how to create Yes/No or Single Choice Polls, Multiple choice Polls, and Multiple Answer Polls. We will talk about how to make the polls anonymous or identified and how to display the results of a poll. We will also cover how to establish Breakout Rooms and Breakout durations, assign class participants to Breakout Rooms, and how hosts/co-hosts can move from virtual room to virtual room. Finally, we’ll show how participants can be recalled to the main classroom and how breakout sessions can be ended manually.

    Self-Sufficient Facilitator Workshop (60 minutes)

    Ideal for all Self-Sufficient Facilitators

    Covers:  The difference between a “hosted” facilitator and a “self-sufficient facilitator.” We'll detail what the responsibilities are for a self-sufficient facilitator and how to logon to the DU Zoom platform and start the Zoom meeting for a class. Also covered are how to "Admit" your Class Assistant, how to work with the Class Assistant on monitoring the chat and the participants panel, managing the class from unwanted noise, and what to do if you are unable to logon to your assigned OLLI at DU Zoom account.

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    Here are some followup resources

    Document -Basic Zoom Training. This covers the Zoom Controls, Views, and Zoom Registration - perfect for everyone, especially Class Assistants.

    Basic Zoom Training.pdf

    Document -Zoom Prep covers what to complete before the term begins, and Zoom controls.

    Zoom Prep for Facilitators .pdf

    Document - Logging into Zoom & Starting Class covers Self-Sufficient Facilitators logging in through DU Zoom Portal and Registering for your own class in Zoom.

    Facilitator Logging In & Starting Class.pdf

    Document - Screen Sharing Basics reviews Basic and Advanced options and Portion of Screen and Video Player.

    Screen Sharing for Facilitators.pdf

    Document - Using Polls 

    Creating and Launching a poll on DU Zoom platform - SS training.pdf

    Document -Suggestions from OLLI facilitators on using Zoom

    Debrief Suggestions for Facilitators - New and Experienced - Training Doc C.pdf

    Document -Suggestions from OLLI members who are "techies"

    Zoom Information for Zoom Techies.docx

    Document -Screen Sharing

    Screensharing in Zoom82720.pdf 

    Document -Other Important References on Zooming for facilitators

    Important Zoom Reference Links for OLLI Facilitators Final.docx


    Using PowerPoint Presenter View and Portion of Screen in Advanced Sharing on Zoom

    YouTube Video - click to view


  • Are you a Self Sufficient Facilitator?

    Here are the easy login instructions.

    Self Sufficient Login.docx

    Here's a 1-page of Zoom Basic Controls. Use this on the first day of class to walk the class through using Zoom. Remember to have your Staff Support peron's contact info in case you have any technical issues.

    Zoom Refresher.pdf


    The Zoom Meeting Window.docx

    Room Participant Recommended Settings

    Cheat Sheet for Tech for OLLI members.pdf

    Member Zoom Tips (v2) Training Doc B.pdf

    OLLI at DU Zoom Basics 8.15.20 - Training Doc A.pdf

    Zoom Room Participant Recommended Settings 82520.pdf

  • System Requirements


    Internet broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)

    Speakers and microphone – built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth

    A webcam or HD webcam - built-in, USB plug-in, or:

    An HD cam or HD camcorder with a video-capture card
    Note: See the list of supported devices.

    Virtual camera software for use with broadcasting software like OBS or IP cameras
    Note: For macOS, Zoom client 5.1.1 or higher is required.

    Click here for full ZOOM System Requirements

  • Basics for Facilitators

    Are You Camera Ready?

    Light Up Your Face

    Find a quiet place for your computer that gets strong WiFi and ideally, well lit. It's hard for us to forge a human connection over video, even more so if we can't see one another's face. Use the preview on the screen to judge your lighting.

    If the room has a window, make sure you’re facing it so the natural light shines on your face.

    Avoid any light source that is shines on your computer or webcam. You will be washed out and it makes it very difficult for anyone else on Zoom to see you. In fact, it’s distracting.

    LEARN MORE... Are you Camera Ready.pdf

  • Facilitator Portfolio Step by Step Guide updated

    (Updated 1/26/2019)

  • Speed Test

    Go to:     OR

    If you are using WiFi (wireless Internet), do not run microwave while in Zoom.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions with Screenshots

    Click to download each article

    1. How to Update Zoom Client.pdf
    2. How to Login to Your Zoom Classroom_02022.pdf
    3. How to Start your class
    4. How to Admit participants 
    5. How to assign Co-Hosts
    6. What's a Host vs. Co-Hosts
    7. How to Share your screen
    8. How to play audio/video
    9. How to use Breakout Rooms
    10. How to use Polls
    11. Different Views
    12. Using PowerPoint
    13. Using Keynote
  • Converting Videos to Play on Zoom

    Adding videos to your class is a geat way in enhance your teaching. There are 1000's of free videos available on YouTube and other web based resources. You may need software to download videos and to convert to MP4 format.



    OLLI at DU Webinar Submission Form



    Volunteers are the backbone of OLLI at DU - as facilitators, class assistants, event planners, and as members of the Curriculum Committee.

    The OLLI Management Team has approved one course submission form beginning with Winter Term 2023.

    Members wishing to facilitate a course for OLLI should contact their Site Manager for information about the deadline for all course proposals.

    All areas on the Approved Course Submission Form must be complete prior to the deadline.

    DEADLINE FOR ACCEPTANCE for SPRING TERM 2023 course submission forms is JANUARY 6, 2023 - this is the deadline for managers to submit all course information.  Be sure to submit your proposals to your Curriculum Committees and Site Managers to ensure these will be reviewed, edited, and submitted to the Executive Director by January 6.


    APPROVED Course Submission Form OCT 11 2022.docx


  • Calendar for Catalog Development

    The deadline for course and webinar submission forms for WINTER TERM 2023 HAS PASSED.  Please read below if you wish to submit a proposal for our Spring term 2023 which runs from March 27 through May 23.

    SPRING TERM 2023 Course Submission Deadline

    *  Each Site Manager, with Curriculum Chairs, will set the date they wish to receive all SPRING Term course submissions.  Please check with your Site Manager for the deadline. 

    *  All course submissions which have been reviewed and edited by the Curriculum Committee and Sponsoring Site Manager are due to Executive Director from the sites no later than Friday, January 6, 2023





  • Facilitator Awards and Recognition

  • Facilitator Award Levels.docx 


    When you see the terms Senior, Master, Diamond, or Platinum Facilitator in the facilitator bios or on our Portfolio page, what does that mean?

    • A Senior Facilitator has, at a minimum, facilitated 10 OLLI at DU courses
    • A Master Facilitator has, at a minimum, facilitated 15 OLLI at DU courses
    • A Diamond Facilitator has, at a minimum, facilitated 25 OLLI at DU courses
    • A Platinum Facilitator has, at a minimum, facilitated 40 OLLI  at DU courses

    Points awarded for facilitation:

    • Class points are awarded for volunteer facilitating any OLLI class at any OLLI site and online.  The class must be at least four weeks long. 
    • If there are multiple facilitators, the class point will be shared among co-facilitators as follows:
    • Single or two facilitators - each receive 1.0 point
    • Three facilitators - each receive 1/2 point
    • Four facilitators - each receive 1/4 point
    • Five plus facilitators - no points

  • OLLI at DU welcomes facilitators to offer their courses online via Zoom.  We provide multiple training workshops throughout the year which are described and listed on this page.

    We have two designations for online faciitators - HOSTED and SELF-SUFFICIENT.

    Generally, a first time online facilitator for OLLI at DU is "hosted" by a DU staff member using the DU staff member's email account for Zoom.  The staff member opens the Zoom room for each class and remains available throughout the class meeting.

    A facilitator becomes "self-sufficient" when they are able to open the Zoom room by themselves using a DU email account which is provided and conduct the class via Zoom (with the support of a member who has volunteered to be a class assistant).

    Here are two documents which describe the difference between a HOSTED and a SELF-SUFFICIENT FACILITATOR.


    Definition of Hosted Faciitators JUL 2022.pdf Definition of Self-Sufficient Faciitators JUL 2022.pdf

  • Teaching Adults Over 50

    Memory is like a sponge in water, too much water, the sponge won’t be able to absorb.

    LEARN MORE... Teaching Adults 50+.pdf 

  • E-Portfolio

    Why Use It?

    E-Portfolio is a web based program that allows you to post class information such as documents, pictures, and Web page links accessible to class members. This of it as your Class Webpage as it can save you time and effort for communicating with your class.

    Create a portfolio page or get technical help with an existing page, contact our Portfolio Assistants:


    Larry Walling (OLLI South/East)   303-619-7384

    Larry Tannenbaum (OLLI West/Boulder)  303-909-3169


  • Communications and Requests

    Additional Zoom Training Requests.xlsx

    Advanced Zoom Facilitator Tips - Winter 2021.docx

    How to Access Course Rosters-Winter 2021.docx

    OLLI at DU Zoom Basics-2021.docx

    Tips from Fellow Zoom Facilitators - Winter 2021.docx

    Zoom Screen Sharing Winter 2021.docx 

    Creating Breakout Rooms 121221.docx


    OLLI poll question examples.pdf

  • Protocol for OLLI Online class sessions

    Zoom Video Tips for Facilitators

    The Zoom Meeting Window

  • ZOOM System Requirements

    Zoom tutorial, presenting a powerpoint slideshow v1.

    Zoom Tutorial, Joining and Participating in a Zoom Meeting v1.1

  • How to share screen with Keynote and show participants

  • Click here to download pdf:  HOW TO SCREENSHARE KEYNOTE ON MAC AND STILL SEE (1).pdf 

  • Marc Rochkind- share only portion of your screen

  • Sharing a portion of your screen

  • Zoom permission to Share Screen on Mac Catalina

  • Screen Shots for Setting a Breakout Room(s) once in a Zoom session



  • Power Point in ZOOM

  • Suggestion from Marc Rochkind on microphone

  • Wondershare:


    Use VLC to play DVD's


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