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  • OLLI at DU in partnership with Regis University

  • Dr. Marie Friedemann, Site Manager

    OLLI at DU in partnership with Regis University

    OLLI at DU in partnership with Regis University location

    Regis University,  500 East 84th Avenue, Suite B-12, Thornton, Colorado  80229


  • Greetings from OLLI DU at Regis University

  • Greetings from Northwest Denver and the newest OLLI at DU campus - at Regis University. We are delighted to join OLLI at DU and proud to offer fifteen OLLI at DU courses this Fall to OLLI at DU members. About half of our Fall courses will be in person, and the remaining will be on the Zoom enterprise platform from the University of Denver. We are excited to showcase many outstanding facilitators in our courses this Fall, from a retired FBI Chief of Undercover Operations to a Licensed Professional Counselor providing  training in Trauma Informed Care to mental health providers in the Ukraine.

    Our Fall courses begin the week of September 18 and the Fall catalog of course offerings will be available on August 14th.  We look forward to seeing you in our courses.

    On a personal note, I am particularly pleased to serve as the Regis Site Manager for OLLI at DU. I began my career at Regis 31 years ago this July, as the Assistant Director of the University Without Walls. While at Regis, I have served as the Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program in the College for Professional Studies and most recently, as the Regis Director for Jesuit Worldwide Learning. I have taught undergraduate courses in human communication at Regis since 1994.

    Needless to say, I am thrilled that Regis' commitment to lifelong learning continues through our dedication to OLLI at DU.

    With enthusiasm for our year ahead,

    Marie Friedemann, Ph. D.

    OLLI at DU -Regis Campus Manager

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  • Exciting Coures this Fall!

    Join us at the Regis University location for for interesting Fall OLLI at DU courses!

    Perhaps you are interested in personal, ageless, soul and role models, and would like to gain new lenses for real experiences including illness, anger, loss, work and retirement. Join Eileen O'Brien, who holds a graduate degree in counseling and a special certificate in spirituality for her four week course on "Spirituality and Aging." Eileen will teach on Zoom.

    Or, maybe you would like to acquire some new skills for everyday living. Such skills might include:  How to break old habits and make and keep new ones, how to implement change, how to tackle tough problems  and practicing compartmentalization.  Join Rick Rokosz, experienced OLLI facilitator, for his four week course on "Skills for Everyday Living" on Zoom.

    Perhaps you wish to explore elements of your own life story and experiences using various media and written reflections, all bound in journal format. In Ken Phillips' course, "Illustrated Manuscripts: Exploring My Life's Story, " members will engage in a six week biographical journey using an artist's journaling methods and techniques. This course is in person at Ken Phillips' Studio at 5155 Federal Boulevard, Suite 14, Denver, Colorado 80221.

    These are just a sampling of the fascinating courses that await you this Fall. 

    Registration opens on August 1!



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