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  • OLLI Thrives Because of its Volunteers! Here's how to volunteer to be a Class Assistant!

    How to Request to be a Class Assistant.pdf

  • Class Assistant Resources

  • Online Class Assistant Workshop

    Ideal for all members who will be serving as a class assistant for an online course. 

    Covers:  The roles and responsibilities of an online class assistant: how to admit class members from the waiting room; how to assist members with muting/unmuting and stopping/starting their camera; how to monitor and save the chat; how to remind participants about “renaming,” and the use of the reactions feature; and how to assist the facilitator by monitoring hands raised.

    Please join us as we review the class assistant duties during this Zoom session.

    Tuesday, January 3, 2023 from 1:00-2:00 

    Click to join Class Assistant Workshop

  • Online Class Assistants (CA)

    Being an Online Class Assistant should not interfere with your total enjoyment of the class. We've developed some easy but important responsibilities that lend much needed support.  Any technical issues should be directed to your Staff person by email, phone or text. Staff can work offline with people having difficulty. Click to download CA Responsibilities: 

    Class Assistants_OnlineResponsibilities.pdf

    Did you take a Zoom Training?

    Check here for PDF downloads.


    Here's a 1-page of Zoom Basic Controls. Use this on the first day of class to walk the class through using Zoom. Remember to have your Staff Support peron's contact info in case you have any technical issues.

    Zoom Refresher.pdf






  • In-Person Class Assistants 

    Thank you for volunteering to be an In-Person Class Assistant. OLLI thrives because of its volunteets.

    Each Site Manager will provide responsibilities per faciliy requirements. Your assistance is crucial in providing an enjoyable learning experience for all members.

  • Covid 19 and In-Person Classes

    We do not expect you to be an enforcer. Please become familiar with our policies and the policy of the facility so you can kindly ask members to comply.

    .Highlights from the Covid-19 policy include:

    • Vaccinations are recommended for OLLI members attending in-person classes.
    • At the current time, it is not required that all OLLI DU members wear a face covering at all times while indoors at OLLI-sponsored classes and events.  This may change as the positivity rate rises and drops and our facilities adjust. We will keep you advised.
    • It is recommended that all OLLI DU members who are unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated should maintain social distancing (6-foot distancing from others not in their household) while attending in-person classes and when meeting in common areas wherever feasible.
    • While in the classroom, there can be no food or open beverage containers.
    • If you do not feel well, PLEASE stay home and get tested. If you test POSITIVE, please report this information to OLLIReportCovid@DU.EDU  for contact tracing purposes

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