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    OLLI at DU is a volunteer-driven organization.  We are a community of approximately 2000 members who enjoy the opportunities for lifelong learning and social interaction.  There are 13 part-time staff members and 1 full-time executive director.  In order to continue to serve the Denver Metro area as the premier lifelong learning community, we have many ways to be involved as a volunteer using your  talents.  Our needs range from facilitating a course, being a class assistant, greeter at a site or events, technology needs, serve on one of our committees and travel opportunities.  In addition we always appreciate your donation of  funds to keep our program robust. 

    GREETER- greet and welcome new members as they come in to the site and direct them to classrooms.

    EVENTS:  organize and assist with special events, plan and invite guests and other social functions

    TECH & AV SUPPORT- possess knowledge and experience with AV equipment to assist facilitators and assist with zoom classes

    SET UP AND TAKEDOWN- physically able to assist room set up and takedown of tables and chairs

    COMMITTEES- Join one of our committees to make a difference in the future of OLLI.  some of these committees are membership, volunteer, development technology, diversity equity and inclusion, community outreach, nominating, travel and core curriculum.

    Watch the website for all the opportunities and to be more involved in OLLI.

    If interested




    The OLLI at DU Office is located in the University College building on S. Josephine Street near DU.  We are currently creating a group of office volunteers who will monitor the phone and answer members' questions regarding how to preview the catalog, how to register, how to access an online course with a Zoom link and other general questions about our program.  OLLI at DU members who are interested are encouraged to volunteer an hour or two a week.  There will be a workshop for volunteers and we have created a checklist which will be in the office and which will contain FAQs and responses.  If interested, please email  


    Each term our facilitators offer a wealth of lifelong learning opportunites for our members.  Each of the facilitators is provided a class assistant in order to monitor attendance, provide in-person and/or online assistance, and make OLLI at DU announcements.  Workshops are held at the beginning of the term to review responsibilities.  If you are interested in serving as a Class Assistant, please contact




    OLLI at DU facilitators have a wide variety of backgrounds - from retired space engineers, to doctors, lawyers, educators, marketing professionals, editors.  The list goes on and this wealth of backgrounds and experiences is the key ingredient to our program.  Our facilitators pursue a passion -be it in the fields of history, literature, music, STEM, art, health and wellness, or philosophy, religion and psychology.  They volunteer to develop and faciliate a course which extends their knowledge to their peers.  OLLI at DU is always looking for new faciliators to donate their talents!  We provide workshops on effective facilitation to older adults and will encourage you to work with other facilitators until you feel comfortable.  If you are interested in faciliating a course, please contact one of the Site Managers listed on our Contact Information tab.


    OLLI at DU has been described by many members as the "best kept secret in Denver."  We would like to expand beyond "word of mouth" marketing and develop short and long term action plans for bringing awareness of this program to other older adults.  If you have a marketing background or you live in or part of an active adult organization that you feel would be interested in our program, please contact Jackie Wyant at 


    Only approximately 60% of OLLI at DU's current budget is covered by term and annual registration fees.  An additional 10% of our budget come from an endowment by the Osher Foundation.  The remaining funds necessary to operate our program needs to come from donations from our members.  If you would like to make a donation, please click here:

    You may also send a donation to the OLLI at DU office at 2211 S. Josephine Street, Denver, CO 80208 or you may click the DONATE button on the top left of our registration site:  OLLI at DU | Search for Courses (

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