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  • Exploring the Legal Profession & Law Schools

  • Are you still deciding if law school is for you? Unsure of the opportunities you can pursue in the legal profession? Know what you want to do, but unsure which law schools to apply to? Start here.

  • Attend a Law School Forum

    Check out the list of dates of upcoming LSAC Law School Forums.

    LSAC Law School Forums are open-house-style recruitment events that make it easy for you to research law schools on a more personal level. At a forum, you can speak face-to-face with admission representatives from over 170 ABA-approved law schools, gain insights about navigating the application process, and ask questions to help you take the next step in the process. 

  • Pipeline Programs
  • Informational Interviews

    Often the most current information about a career field, especially in a specific geographic location, may not be available online or in books. The best information comes from people who are actually working in that career field.

    An informational interview is an informal conversation with someone working in an area that interests you who will give you information and advice. It is an effective research tool in addition to reading books, exploring the Internet and examining job descriptions. It is not a job interview, and the objective is not to find job openings.

    You may feel awkward making arrangements to talk with people you don't know about their work. However, most people actually enjoy taking a few moments out of their day to reflect on their professional life and to give advice to someone with an interest in their field.

    Resources to help you get started with informational interviewing:

  • Resources for Exploring the Legal Profession


    Colorado Information:

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