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  • Financing Your Legal Education

  • AccessLex

    Since 1983, AccessLex Institute has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing challenges and needs of the law students and institutions that we serve. We are steadfast in our commitment to inform students of the economic realities of law school without limiting their aspirations. We conduct and commission research to illuminate the latest data and evidence on the most critical issues facing legal education today. And we are resolute in our appeal to policymakers and influencers to take actions that make legal education work better for both students and society at large. As a nonprofit organization underpinned by nearly 200 American Bar Association-approved nonprofit and state-affiliated law schools, we are intently dedicated to the betterment of legal education. AccessLex Institute has more than 80 employees in our offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., and accredited financial counselors throughout the U.S. We currently have more than $600 million in total net assets.


    Based in Washington, D.C., the AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence is committed to understanding the barriers that impede access to law school for historically underrepresented groups and improving access to law school for all; identifying actionable strategies and public policies to increase law school affordability; and strengthening the value of legal education.


    The AccessLex Center for Education and Financial Capability offers on-campus and online loan repayment and financial education programming and resources to help students and graduates confidently manage their finances on their way to achieving personal and professional success. We also provide professional development opportunities and guidance for school administrators working to improve financial education at their institutions.

  • AccessLex Student Loan Calculator

    Understanding the financial realities of your law degree is the first step to making wise decisions about your student loans. AccessLex student loan calculator is a free and easy way to do just that!

  • Admissions Process Costs

  • Law school requires a significant investment of time and financial resources (average law school debt is between $84,000 - $122,000). Before even starting law school, here are some of the anticipated costs associated with applying to law school:

    • LSAT exam fee
    • Transcript fee
    • CAS fee
    • CAS Application Fee ($35 for each law school application)
    • Application fees (varies by law school)
    • LSAT prep course (varies by company)
    • Professional attire
    • Costs associated with visiting prospective law schools (travel, hotel, food)
    • Seat deposits (varies by law school)
    • Enrollment deposit (varies by law school)
    • Moving expenses (security deposit, new supplies, travel

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