• Articulating Teaching Aspirations

  • From the Faculty Senate TEI document:

    What constitutes “teaching excellence”? New and continuing faculty want to know, as this has direct impact on student learning, the success of their courses, and on their review for promotion.

    In order to effectively support and develop teaching excellence, we need to define what is meant by excellent teaching at DU. What are those behaviors that are related to significant learning? What type of teaching is valued at DU? What teaching behaviors are not a part of the DU culture?

    The OTL gathered a group of faculty members together in Winter and Spring quarters of 2015 to begin to articulate campus-wide language around the question, "what kind of teaching do we aspire to at DU?" 

    The teaching aspirations work has gone on to inform programming in the OTL, to analyze the way teaching is evaluated, and to deepen teaching practices for those who engage in related discussions.

  • What kind of teaching do we aspire to at DU?

    We aspire to teach in a way that is…

    • Significant and Impactful
    • Learning-Centered, Meaningful and Active
    • Inclusive, Inviting and Empathetic
    • Reflective and Evidence-Based
  • Teaching Aspirations Handout

  • Teaching Aspirations Process Summary Report

  • The Process

  • Faculty Learning Community about Teaching Aspirations

    To find out more about this effort, visit the "Teaching Aspirations" tab of the College Pedagogy FLC Portfolio site.

  • Teaching Aspirations FLC
  • Teaching Aspirations Process Overview

    An overview of this process is captured in this presentation, given at a national confernce for teaching and learning professional devlopment.

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