• Description

  • This porfolio is a resource to support and provide continuity for Teaching Excellence at DU, particularly the Teaching Excellence Initiative (TEI) passed by the Faculty Senate in 2011. Ongoing efforts continue following recommendations from these, and other, collective efforts on campus.

    All of these reports and efforts generally have three main areas of development and recommendations in common, reflected in the tabs on this portfolio site: 

    1. Articulating expectations for teaching excellence at DU
    2. Supporting and aligning many opportunities for formative professional development in teaching
    3. Creating a more balanced approach/culture towards rewarding and evaluating teaching at DU 
  • Status Reports and Working Documents

  • TEI Update Report_May 2017

    A summary of work and programs that have occured over the last 6 years to support the 2011 Teaching Excellence Initative.

  • Teaching Excellence at DU_2012 Working Document

  • Foundational Documents

  • Faculty Senate_Faculty Development Policies and Procedures_2017

  • Teaching Excellence Initiative_Faculty Senate_2011

  • Teaching Task Force Report_2005

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