• Welcome to the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) ePortfolio project site! This community exists to provide support for anyone using ePortfolios to enhance learning at the University of Denver. Much of the content provided is developed specifically for the DU Portfolio application, but can also be adapted for use with other ePortfolio platforms. Use the navigation menu (to the left in a web-browser, or at the top of the screen on a mobile device) to start exploring!

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  • What is an ePortfolio? ePortfolios are electronic collections of artificats that are typically used to showcase the interests, goals, and achievements of individuals and/or groups. As a digital medium, ePortfolios open up opportunities for sharing evidence of work in fresh and dynamic ways!

  • 7500 portfolios and counting!

    What is DU Portfolio? The "DU Portfolio" platform is a fully developed web-based application that supports the academic community with a searchable database of electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff and alumni, and communities. Any person with a DU ID number and passcode may develop a DU portfolio by logging in at https://portfolio.du.edu, and DU alumni have access to the application for life!

    Contact Us: Please feel free to reach out to otl@du.edu or heather.tobin@du.edu with any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a one-on-one consultation regarding the use of ePortfolios in academic contexts.

  • Learn More: The below workshops and open-labs are intended for students using DU Portfolio to design an ePortfolio for your class. However, faculty are also welcome to attend if interested. Additional information is available on the "Pedagogical Support" tab.

    Please contact heather.tobin@du.edu if you'd like to schedule a workshop for a different audience (i.e. faculty, staff, etc.).

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