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  • RMIS, U of Denver

    Research Methods & Information Science Department (RMIS), U of Denver

    Regular Courses

    1. LIS4000: Foundations of LAIS (fall 2019; fall 2020 – two sections; fall 2022)
      • New syllabus
    2. LIS4355: The Reading Experience in LIS (formerly, Working with Readers in Libraries & Beyond) (winter 2020; winter 2021; winter 2022; scheduled for winter 2023)
      • New course
    3. LIS4321: Collection management (fall 2019; fall 2020 – two sections, one of which was 2U; winter 2022 – two sections 2U; spring 2022; scheduled for winter and spring 2023)
      • New syllabus
      • New online course iteration for 2U
    4. LIS4700: Preparing for the job market (spring 2021)
      • New course
    1. LIS4320: Outreach (spring 2020)
      • New syllabus
    1. LIS4700: Privilege & equity (fall 2019)
      • New syllabus
    1. LIS4700: Information behavior: Communities & contexts (developed; offering TBD)
      • New course

    Independent Study Courses 

    1. LIS4991: Developing bi-lingual children’s collections in New Mexico (winter 2022). Student: Raquel Martinez
    1. LIS4991: Developing world language resources for a public library (winter 2022). Student: Aimee Fontaine
      • Outcome 1: A community profile based on the immigrant makeup of the library community in question.
      • Outcome 2: A collection management and marketing/outreach plan for this community group.
    1. LIS4991: Engaging diverse communities (spring 2020). Student: Laurier Cress



    1. LIS 4901: Supporting students on academic probation in community college libraries (spring 2022)
      • Student: Rhiana Murphy
    2. LIS 4901: Reading through the pandemic: An autoethnography (spring 2022)
      • Student: Aimee Fontaine

     Second Reader

    1. Library accessibility service during COVID-19 pandemic by Peter Melling; supervisor Shimelis Assefa (spring 2021).
    2. Goodreads, automated recommender systems, and working with readers: A guide for librarians by Andy Lawder; supervisor: Dr. Peter Organisciak (fall 2020).

    SLIS, U of Alberta

    • LIS 598: “Information & Libraries in the International Context”

    Graduate School of Library & Information Studies (GSLIS), Queens College, NYC

    • LBSCI 701: “Fundamentals of Library and Information Science”
    • LBSCI 702: “Information Sources and Services: General”

    Faculty of Information (iSchool), University of Toronto, Canada

    Regular Courses

    • INF1310H. “Introduction to Reference” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2172H. “Readers’ Advisory: Reference Work and Resources” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2127H. “Collection Development, Evaluation, & Management”
    • INF1005/1006H. “Information Workshop: Reading Maps: Expanding the Reading Experience Beyond the Book”
    • INF1300H. “Foundations in LIS” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2156H “Reading and the Reading Public in North America and around the World” [multiple offerings]
    • INF2125H. “Information and Culture in a Global Context”

    Independent Study Courses

    • INF2010. “Reading Theories and Practices”
    • “Bibliotherapy for Information Professionals”
    • “One-Person Libraries (OPL) and Church Libraries as a Type of OPLs”

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