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  • Watch the brief presentation of the recent grant project funded by the DU Faculty Research Fund: The Expectations & Learning Impact Framework (ELIF): Dali-ELIF-captioned.mp4


    1. Dali, K. (PI), in partnership with New York Public Library; Brooklyn Public Library; and Pueblo City-County Library (2021-2022). Enhancing the capacity of public library staff to serve multilingual communities. IMLS Laura Bush 21 grant. Awarded. $254,711 (2022-2024).
    2. Dali, K. (PI) & Thompson, K.M. (co-PI), in partnership with CU Boulder Library & U of South Carolina (2021-2022). The practice model for an equitable workplace transition program: Disability and neurodiversity. IMLS National Leadership grant. Awarded. $149,966 (2022-2024).
    3. Dali, K. (PI) & Charbonneau, (co-PI). (2021-2022). Experiences of disabled and neurodiverse Ph.D. students in information science. MCE Flowback Grant for the project. Awarded $7,826US.
    4. Dali, K. (sub-grantee) (2020-2021). The impact of disabilities training on LIS professionals. Part of the larger grant: Small, R. (PI). (2020-2021). The impact of disabilities training on libraries, librarians, and patrons with disabilities: An innovative research collaboration. IMLS National Leadership Grant (collaboration of Syracuse University, U of Denver, U of Maryland, and CUNY). Requested funds for U of Denver $119.115US. Not funded.
    5. Dali, K. (2021). Mainstreaming stories from around the world: Reviews of children’s international literature in English ALA Carnegie-Whitney grant. Awarded $5,000US. Project website:
    6. Dali, K., Bell, N., & Valdes, Z. (2020). Diversity and inclusion in professional development for academic librarians. U of Denver 2020 Faculty Research Fund. Awarded $3,000US. Project website:
    7. Caidi, (co-PI) & Dali, K. (co-PI). (2017). Diversity by design: Reframing diversity discourse in Canada. Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) grant. Connection program – Connecting for Canada’s 150th. Awarded $22,728CAN.
    8. Dali, K. (PI). (2014-2015). Biblio or therapy? An annotated bibliography on bibliotherapy for librarians. ALA Carnegie-Whitney grant. Awarded $5,000US.
    9. Dali, K. (2014-2015). Immigrant readers and public libraries in Canada: Collaborating toward Integration. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship, held at the Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western U, Ontario, Canada. Awarded $81,000CAN.
    10. Dali, K. (2009-2010). U of Toronto Doctoral Completion $3,424CAN
    11. Dali, K. (2008, March). The inaugural Ethel W. Auster Scholarship for Doctoral Research. $1,700CAN.
    12. Dali, K. (2007-2008). Ontario Graduate Scholarship. $10,000CAN

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