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  • This page introduces LIS faculty and academic librarians involved in disability and accessibility advocacy and research: Dr. Keren Dali, Dr. Kim M. Thompson, and Merinda McLure. Read about Disability and Accessibility Advocacy in Academic Work.


    Dr. Kim M. Thompson 


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       Refereed Journal Articles

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       Refereed Conference Proceedings

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       Refereed Conference Presentations

    • Thompson, K. M., Muir, R., & Qayyum, A. (2020, October 20). Transforming LIS education through disability inclusion: Disability in LIS educational content. Panel discussion and roundtable for the SIG Disability in LIS session, Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) 2020 Conference, 14-22 October, virtual.
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       Invited Journal Articles

    • Thompson, K. M. & Copeland, C. A. (2020). Inclusive considerations for optimal online learning in times of disasters and crises. Information and Learning Sciences, Special Issue: A Response to Emergency Transitions to Remote Online Education in K-12 and Higher Education, 121(7/8), 481-486.; DOI 10.1108/ILS-04-2020-0083.
    • Thompson, K. M. (2016). Multiple layers of digital inclusion. Online Currents, 30, 38-40.

       Professional Magazine Articles

       Keynote and Plenary Presentations

    • Thompson, K. M. (2018, April 18). What do library job ads tell us about professional diversity? Plenary panelist for the College of Information and Communications Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research Symposium, University of South Carolina.


    Dr. Keren Dali 


    • Co-organizer of Awareness Events (with AAG):
      • "'Unexpected' Workers and Users No More: Accessibility and Disability Inclusion in Libraries of All Types" by Michelle Hahn, ​Music Librarian and Adjunct Professor, Indiana University Bloomington; Debbi MacLeod, Director, Colorado Talking Book Library, Colorado State Publications Library; ​Jill Rothstein, Chief Librarian, Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library at The New York Public Library. Organized by the LIS Accessibility Group, RMIS, MCE, DU. April 22, 2021.
      • "Joint Progress Toward Inclusion" by Adrian Petterson and Amy Farrow, Accessibility Interests Working Group, iSchool (Faculty of Information), University of Toronto (Canada). Organized by the LIS Accessibility Group, RMIS, MCE, DU. March 18, 2021 - Present
      • "Crafting Accessible Learning Environments Through Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning" by Dr. C.A. Copeland and K.J. Mallary. Organized by the LIS Accessibility Group, RMIS, MCE, DU. February 18, 2021.

    Awards & Honors 

    • Featured in the Gallery of Information Behavior Gratitude created by Dr. Jenna Hartel, iSchool, U of Toronto, Canada, for the article: “​The Lifeways We Avoid: The Role of Information in Discrimination Against People with Disabilities” (2021)

    Peer-Reviewed Articles & Editorials

    • Dali, K. & Brochu, L. (2020). The right to listen: A not so simple matter of audiobooks. Library Resources & Technical Services, 64(3), 109-116.
    • Dali, K. (2019). Avoiding a senseless endurance test: Hidden disabilities and interviewing in LIS. The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion, 3(1)
    • Dali, K. (2018). The lifeways we avoid: The role of information avoidance in discrimination against people with disabilities.” The Journal of Document ation, 74(6), 1258-1273.
    • Dali, K. (2018). The right to be included: Introducing a New Model of an Oppressive Workplace Environment Experienced by People with Disabilities. Information & Learning Science, 119(9/10), 486-513.
    • Dali, K. (2018). Culture fit’ as ‘anti-diversity’: Avoiding human resources decisions that dsadvantage the brightest. The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion, 2(4).

     Conference Presentations & Invited Talks 

    • Dali, K. Invited Talk/Webinar. (2021). The role of information avoidance in discriminatory attitudes toward disabilities. U of Toronto, iSchool, (February 10, 2021)
    • Dali, K. (session convener). “Transforming LIS Education through Disability Inclusion” (SIG Disabilities in LIS session at for the 2020 ALISE conference, Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Dali, K. & Brochu, L. “Advocacy for Audiobooks and Diversity by Design” (paper presentation as part of the "Technical Services Education: Transformation and Advocacy" session, for the 2020 ALISE conference, Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Dali, K. (convener). "Including Disability in LIS Education and Workplaces: From Local Concerns to Global Vision" - an ALISE Academy session; the 2019 ALISE conference (with Mirah Dow, Kim Thompson, Brady D. Lund, and Kevin J. Mallary).
    • Dali, Keren, Kim M. Thompson, and Paul T. Jaeger (2019). “Beyond Representation: Developing Inclusive Workplaces for Faculty and Staff with Disabilities.” Workshop presented at the 2019 iConference, March 31, 2019, Washington, DC.
    • Dali, Keren. “The right to be included: A curious case of an oxymoron, missing legislation, and academics with disabilities” (paper presented at the Diversity by Design Symposium, Toronto, ON, September 2017).
    • Dali, Keren. “There is no pill for an unkind heart: The duty to accommodate and limitations of policies in academic settings” (paper presented at the University of Maryland Disability Summit 2017 “Disability in a Polarized Nation” (April, 2017);


     Merinda McLure, MLIS

    Associate Professor and Health & Human Sciences Librarian, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries

    • Merinda leads the University Libraries’ Researcher Engagement Section and serves as one of the Libraries’ three Open Educational Resources (OER) Co-Leads. She is the Libraries’ subject specialist and liaison librarian for CU Boulder’s departments of psychology and neuroscience; integrative physiology; and speech, language, and hearing sciences. Merinda joined the University Libraries in 2017 and has previously worked at Colorado State University, The University of Montana, and The University of Alberta, since completing her Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) at The University of British Columbia in 2002. 

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