• Handouts and video links

  • This document describes how you can install R and R-studio in your system. It includes instructions for PC and Mac

  • Installing R and RStudio into your system.pdf

  • Steps in loading data and R scripts.pdf

  • The video link below describes how you can create n SPSS-like output using R and R-studio. It requires that you load two packages into R: markdown and knitr



  • anova CRF33.sav

    This file is an example from Kirk, R. (3rd Ed). Experimental Design: Procedures for the behavioral sciences. NY: Brooks Cole

  • R_anova.R

  • Meta analysis

  • R_EffectSizeCalculator.pdf

    Package developed by graduate student Ms. Priyalatha Govindasamy, M.A. The package estimates effect sizes for correlations, proportions and difference scores. It complements the effect size estimators that you can find in packages such as metafor

  • Effectsizecalculator_0.1.tar.gz

  • Files

  • Some data files that we use as examples

    Regression and Multiple Regression

  • assumptions_PowerPoint.pdf

  • Album Sales 1.dat

  • Album Sales 2.dat

  • R multiple regression.Rmd

  • R_multiple_regression.pdf

  • album 2.sav

  • Regression_SPSS output.pdf

  • supervisor.sav

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