• AEA 2016

  • AEA2016-PSAM_groups.pdf

    In this study coauthored by Dr. Priyalatha Govindasamy, we explored the effect of data characteristics on Propensity Scores analysis using Matching and Weighting in multiple groups. 

  • AEA 2015

  • AEA2015-PS_Introduction.pdf

    These are the slides from our most recent demonstration at the American Evaluation Association Conference (November, 2015. Chicago, Ill). The last slide contains some links to a couple of papers Ms. Govindasamy and I recenly published on our practices for conducting Propensity scores analysis. Those papers illustrate how to conduct PSA using R

  • Optmatch_AEA_2015.pdf

    This package (still under development) was created by Priyalatha Govindasamy to conduct outcomes analysis when using optimal matching. The slides (presentation at AEA 2015) provide a rationale for using optimal matching, and why using other options (e.g., t-test) is not appropriate. 

  • Optimalpostmatch_package.pdf

  • Optimalpostmatch_0.1.tar.gz

    The zip package contains the package. The PDF file (Optimalpostmatch_package) provides directions for installing the package. Please let us know if you have used the package, so we can let you know of any improvements as they developed

    please send email to: gpriyalatha@hotmail.com

  • AEA2015-3groups.pdf

    PSA with three groups is a very recent development, and there are to this date, very few options for practtioners. In this presentation (AEA, Chicago, November 2015) we explore the impact of distributional characteristics, presence of correlation among the variables,and the presence of overt bias on the outcomes.  

  • AEA 2014

  • AEA2014_PS-meta.pdf

    In this presentation, with collaborator Priyalatha Govindasamy, we use the methodology of meta-analysis to answer a methodological question in the field of Propensity Scores: Are there any systematic discrepancies in the results produced by Propensity Scores Matching (PSM) studies when compared to Randomized Controlled Trial studies (RCT)?

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